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TARGET AUDIENCE: 21+y.o., USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

AVAILABLE ON: Steam EA (Winows, Mac OS, Linux).

COMBAT MODE: rule-based real-time.

GAME MODE: single-player, co-op.

TARGET AUDIENCE: 21+y.o., USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

AVAILABLE ON: Patreon (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

COMBAT MODE: interactive, nonlinear, story-rich adventure.

GAME MODE: single-player.

TARGET AUDIENCE: 21+y.o., USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

AVAILABLE ON: Steam (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

COMBAT MODE: no combat, linear adventure.

GAME MODE: single-player.
Post-Apocalyptic Myths Busted

It turns out that the relentlessly scientific approach that we've been building into every nook and cranny of our setting since the beginning has the potential to make After Reset RPG the first hard science fiction video game in history...

SACPIC Game Mechanics
10-29-2014 10:53 PM, MrNixon
Hi guys,

This development status report is devoted to our current tasks completed and the matters in progress.


Good news, everyone: we finally completed setting Co-Founder status for all of our $35+ backers. If you missed the importance of that status, feel free to visit our Co-Founders’ Lounge sub-forum with extra content here:


Thanks to your help and our pushing on the process without a weekend, we have finally finished the core furniture props for the whole “Gyes” bunker. Like always, it is full of details and AAA quality so that we will not be ashamed to insert short movies rendered in game from close angles.


Sad news is that we are not able to publish After Reset RPG in October, as we have experienced some delay with it. But we’re in the middle of getting that done: we’ve just completed legal and tasks issues, and now we are working on bank and marketing issues. Beyond that, our programmers work in spades on embedding SACPIC game mechanics into the character creation stage. Yes, three programmers have toiled and are still toiling on it. If you ask why, see “Game Mechanics” below :)


Once again, due to your help and the inspiring attitude you showed during our campaign, as well as the dedication of our entire team, I have finally completed the core of the whole SACPIC game mechanics. That core not only covers the Prologue, but is meant to be applied to the whole game. It covers the whole STATS’ based attributes, all skills, stealth system, offence and defence characteristics, in-game special modes, algorithms of attacks, critical hits and critical misses.

Please, keep in mind that it has no simple brief table view (like the final version of SACPIC will be in Advanced Player Handbook) – but in a way our programmers required me to put down my experience of that mechanics. Our Co-Founders can download and read 33 pages of it:

To give you even deeper view of that mechanics I’d even like to give you several items’ descriptions from the game.

* * *

NBC Suit "Lab Rat"

Armor Hardness Level: 1.
Maximum Agility Bonus: 4.
Armor Evasion Class Bonus: 6.

DR Physical (common): 15%
DR Poison (common): 0%
DR Fire (environmental): 90%
DR Acid (environmental): 90%
DR Electro (environmental): 90%
DR Frost (environmental): 90%
DR Laser (rare): 25%
DR Plasma (rare): 20%
DR Field (rare): 0%

Base Item: light armor.
Armor Mobility Penalty: none.
Armor Skills Penalty: -1.
Feats Required: Armor Proficiency (light armor) and Armor Proficiency (hi-tech armor).
Weight: 25 lb.

Special Properties:
+ Immunity (radiation);
+ Immunity (infection);
- Apparel Slots Limitation (no helm, no boots).

* * *

NBC Suit (which stands for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) is a type of scientific personal protective equipment designed to provide protection against direct contact with radioactive, biological and chemical substances, and provides protection from contamination with radioactive, biological and chemical materials.

This portable and self-contained full-body unit, called by scientists of the UG Science Corps as "Lab Rat", is filled with all manner of protection against hazardous materials, and includes a breathing apparatus (SCBA) for long-term use. This model of NBC Suit has been officially produced by IBR corporation for the Science Corps, hospitals of Underearth and for commercial sector since 94 A.R.

SYSTEM VARIABLES (not displayed to player):

Stack: none
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 10000, 1000, 7100, 8000, 30500, 4000, 800
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 40
Unidentified Description: This thing looks like scarecrow made from plastic, metal and glass. You see your own distorted reflection staring back at you in the mirrored visor. Creepy...

Armor Full Model Swap: yes
Armor Body Swap: no
Armor Helm Swap: no
Apparel Slots [helm]: blocked
Apparel Slots [headgear]: concealed
Apparel Slots [armgears]: concealed
Apparel Slots [belt]: concealed
Apparel Slots [boots]: blocked
Apparel Slots [backpack]: ok

* * *

Nail Gun M-88

Base Damage: 1d10.
Base Critical Threat: 20/x3 (miss: 1).
Base Magazine Capacity: 24.
Base Range: 95 ft.
Base Damage Type: physical (PL3).
Mobility Penalty: none.
Base Item: coil handgun.

Ammunition Type: small power blocks.
Feats Required: Weapon Proficiency (energy weapons) or Weapon Proficiency (pastager).
Weapon Size: 1-handed.
Weight: 4.1 lb.

Special Properties:
- Not a Weapon (-50% penalty to Damage and Range).

* * *

This Nail Gun, initially produced by Ishima Engineering, is commonly used by engineers and builders of the United Governments since 50 A.R., beginning with the period of Underearth Colonization. Though there have been a few modifications to the design since then, it has stood the test of time and hasn’t had any major design improvements.

Most modifications (made after 74 A.R.) are driven by compact electromagnetic firing system. Despite that this Nail Gun is just an engineering tool, it can be used as a weapon at close ranges, and is reloaded with Small Power Blocks the same relative size of pistol magazines.

SYSTEM VARIABLES (not displayed to player):

Stack: none
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 700, 300, 3800, 1200, 500, 500, 500
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 30
Unidentified Description: This is some kind of strange item made from plastic or metal. Apparently it belongs to the Past Age. However, it looks quite unworn. Strange...

* * *

Small Power Blocks "Ishima Engineering"

Base Item: small power block.
Weight: 0.2 lb.

Special Properties:
+ Pin (DC 10, 1 round).

* * *

This Small Power Blocks, initially produced by Ishima Engineering for the various models of nail guns, are commonly used by engineers and builders of the United Governments.

SYSTEM VARIABLES (not displayed to player):

Stack: 50
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 20, 5, 50, 100, 300, 200, 50
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 30
Unidentified Description: This is some kind of strange small solid boxes made from plastic or metal. Apparently it belongs to the Past Age. However, it looks quite unworn. Strange…

* * *

Moreover, I would like to give you several comments about SACPIC game mechanics:

1. Yes. Every item has different cost (in conventional units) depending on which place you’re bartering or trading. E.g. a bottle of water in a United Governments outpost costs nothing, but the same bottle of water in the desert could cost a capital.

2. Yes. The passive use of the Doctor skill for detection and identification of diseases/poisons/infections and other BED is still in progress. We work with several doctors to make it most interesting, realistic and educating, as I’d like it to be. Any affliction will have several stages and several results of every stage. All descriptions and results of them will be realistic. Thus, you can rely on your doctor skill in detecting symptoms, making diagnoses and selecting the treatment. Or you can count on your own real doctor skills. One way or another, with time, I reckon you will learn how to distinguish flu from DOF, dysentery from intoxication, etc.

So, guys, feel free to dig in and comment to polish SACPIC game mechanics into the mechanics of our dream :)
Friday's Update
10-10-2014 07:28 PM, MrNixon
Hi guys,

It's been two weeks since our last update. During that time we’ve been working tirelessly on new game content. And in this update, as is tradition, I’d like to share the next portion of our results.


First of all, we’ve done a survey and in 3 days we’ve already received answers from 99% of you. A big thanks, guys, for getting back to us so quickly. It’s allowed us to be quick in getting to giving out Co-Founder statuses to your accounts on our forum. At the time of publication, almost all statuses have been attached to backers from $129 DIGITAL LIEUTENANT and higher.

We’re still giving out statuses and combining all three backer databases ("Direct Pledges" from the Store, "The Fall of Gyes" Kickstarter, and "After Reset RPG" Kickstarter) together. I expect that we’ll have given out Co-Founder statuses to everyone by the next update.

As I promised, we’ll stop giving out that status as part of game pledges roughly before the release of Steam Early Access, having continued to deliver additional content on the forum for Co-Founders. Actually, I’d like to increase the abilities and usefulness of this status during development of the After Reset universe as a special thanks to you, dear Followers.


A few days ago, I was briefly interviewed by Jeremy Wilfinger for the site, which you can read here:

A big thanks to him and the site editor for putting our interview on the main page!


Many of you know that After Reset was born in the moment when we simply got tired of waiting for a truly old-school Fallout 3 (Van Buren), in the moment when we understood that no one other than us, the gamers would do that. For a long time we were left with a very skeptical mood toward Wasteland 2… And it lasted until last week, when we got its release version on Steam.

Guys, it turned out to be very interesting! I.e., this game, of course doesn’t have anything in common with either Fallout 1&2&T, or with After Reset RPG… But it doesn’t even have to be like them, or even be a classic RPG. It has its own interesting style/setting/mechanics/gameplay… In general, I personally don’t understand what exactly its secret is, but it’s really cool and fun to play. I played all weekend without stopping (and there’s no end or border in this game), and I’ll be very happy to back Wasteland 3!

One nuance: two times in the beginning I thought of deleting the game after creating a character (a sentiment I’ve heard from plenty of gamer friends). I really didn’t like the character portraits, and I don’t like to play as a big faceless group. But Brian Fargo has slyly provided for the ability to load your own portraits and delete the others besides your own character from the group. We’ve prepared a character portrait pack from After Reset especially for you:

I’m sure that even if you’ve had doubts, with our pack, Wasteland 2 will sparkle with fresh colors for you! You have to play it; the game is really worth it!


Over the last week we’ve prepared a few great furniture collections from which, as a rule, the underground outposts of the Military Corps of the United Governments will be furnished. This modular furniture is made by KIMEA Industries from plastic and composite materials in a style traditional for Pastagers in 132 A.R. (132 years After the Reset).

Here are a few screenshots of our new in-game low-poly Workbench and Drawers models:

According to tradition, our Co-Founders can download and discuss screenshots in high-resolution in the Co-Founders’ Area on our forum:

Beyond in-game objects, we've also finished creating models for the M-88 Nail Gun and ammunition for it, the Small Power Block. In accordance with the game mechanics this is a one-handed weapon that you can find already in the Prologue, belonging to the Energy Weapons class and the Coil Weapons subclass. At the same time, in that the M-88 Nail Gun is just and engineering tool, this weapon will have the attribute Weapon Feat “NOT A WEAPON,” which will negatively affect its combat characteristics.

And so, allow me to present the in-game screenshots of the M-88 Nail Gun:

And Small Power Blocks produced by Ishima Engineering, compatible with all nail guns:


We're still working on the details of the game mechanics, a third of which we’re inserting into the programming process of character creation, but already in the next update we will be able to share the full gaming characteristics of the first ready combat items with their inventory icons.


In the last few weeks we’ve had more and more visitors coming to our site with growing regularity, and the load on our server has grown hugely. For your convenience, friends, we’ve transferred our site and forum to new powerful servers in Arizona.


Right now, I’m also starting to work on descriptions and texts, which can be obtained from the computers and mobile devices at the Gyes base while going through the prologue. All of them, somehow or another, will give hints as to the events that took place, reveal some characters, and/or cast some more light on the setting of the whole After Reset world that you’ll soon be able to travel around in.

In today’s update, I’d like to direct your attention to an extract from the data you’ll be able to get from the computers on the base:

"... Every marine should be a good shot, and the unquestionably severe battles in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas have facilitated the resurrection and perfection of this art after decades of the Military Corps being on temporary shutdown in Underearth. But now it is time to turn our attention to the cooperation of various types of armed forces on the battlefield. Now more than ever, military appropriations need rigid control on the part of the Economic Corps and the Supervisory Council.

The fact of how wasteful the marines’ tactics have become in recent years can be demonstrated with the example of armored vehicle use. In Oklahoma and Kansas, Survivor guerillas have set roadside mines that are regularly blowing up our light "Pitbulls." The Military Corps has spent 15 billion credits developing and delivering the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) "Bear" armored vehicles. And now, when military operations in these states are at the very least hobbling to completion, the need for MRAP vehicles is gradually approaching zero. Its features, which were so necessary before, are becoming a burden: these vehicles cannot fit into standard descent carriers nor helicopters. And now soldiers are refusing these vehicles. There are already only 29 "Bears" left at the Odessa firing range this year judging by a report from lieutenant colonel Tim Fenning, …"

from a speech of Michael O’Shea,
Director of the Research Department in the Surface Recolonization Institute of Eos, 131 A.R.

If you like it, but you missed similar, earlier lore extracts, you can find them on our forum. For example, here and here.


In a recent update, I shared works of classic science fiction that inspired me when making the setting and plot of the game. Having appreciated your positive reviews, friends, I’d like to continue this tradition, of publishing inspiring small sci-fi stories that I personally like in our updates.

Today’s three recommendations are directly or tangentially related to the three major in-game races and species of the After Reset setting.

The first story, "Placement Test" by John Keith, exposes the concept of corporate meritocracy, closely linked with the United Governments before the Reset.

The second story, "Bluff" by Harry Turtledove allows you to take a look at what is truly great in human consciousness in an unexpected way, paving the way to the mystery of the Incorporeals’ existence.

The third, "White Death" by Stanislaw Lem will serve as a hint at the events of the graphic novel "The Fall of Gyes."

And, finally, the fourth, "The Battle" by Robert Shekley, I’m sure will make you smile, thinking about the Synthetics.


And, topping off today’s news, I’d like to talk to you like an old roleplaying DM talks to future players. Because I’m beginning work on detailing dialogues and other roleplaying content for the Prologue, feedback from players is important for me to create realistic and captivating content. Well, you know, so you won’t just blaze through dialogues, messages and descriptions, but will really read them enthusiastically. And so the dialogue options for every alignment your character could have will be alive and realistic.

And so, imagine…

Silence… A quiet, endless silence, enveloped in a disarming darkness. All around you, in your head, instead of your body is absolute peace and emptiness. An emptiness you don’t melt into, but fill. You are that emptiness. For you, neither time nor space exist, only you. You are the alpha and the omega.

"Ting!" – not so much heard as felt by your entire nature, a sound suddenly rips through the cover of silence.

"Tiiiiiiing!" – and you feel like the very same sound, hidden deep inside, like ice being chewed slowly; it forces your bones to vibrate.

"Babaaaaaaang!" – a third sharp sound rips into your consciousness through your eardrums, suddenly breaking the silence and darkness that was covering you into a thousand pieces. A moment… and all that’s left in your ears is a whistling chirp gradually subsiding in the world revealing itself to you…

"Wake up, commander" – a young woman’s voice finally brings you to. “Wake up, commander,” repeats the pleasant voice persistently.

And finally you become aware of yourself, wet and naked, lying among shards of glass, metal and wires in the middle of some kind of fairly spacious room. Judging by the inscriptions on the walls, it’s some kind of laboratory.

"Wake up, Commander, you need to go," continues the same voice, insisting. You look around, but don’t see anyone around. “You need to go, Commander.” This time you understand that this voice isn’t coming from anywhere, as if it’s coming from inside your head. Partly on your own, and partly obeying this inner voice, you somewhat awkwardly pick yourself up from the floor and carefully shake the wet shards off.

The slightly flickering monitors around the table you woke up at the foot of are flashing red and are apparently showing error messages. To your left there’s an identical table, above which an empty glass capsule is mounted. It’s entirely possible that just such a capsule was next to you before…

You try to remember what happened "before" and with horror you realize that you don’t remember what happened before you opened your eyes, nor where you are, nor even who you are or your name. Your pupils widen, and in your head one question flashes: "WHAT THE!?"

"Commander, you need to go," says the same feminine voice leading you out of the numbness…

* * *

Just like that, friends, your adventure in the world of After Reset RPG begins.

After getting used to this role, just having come to (and obviously, not all the way), tell me by writing comments on these questions:
1. Which questions are eating you up?
2. What will you do with the voice in your head?
3. What hypotheses come to mind of what happened before your waking up?

Thanks in advance, I’ll be waiting impatiently for your answers, guys!