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The United Governments

The United Governments (UG) as a single organization representing the interests of all mankind became known to citizens only a few years before the Reset.

The concept of an organization representing interests of all civilized nations of the Earth was first proposed at the UN Security Council by the Alliance countries during the Second World War of the Past Age. After the war, unidentified members of the Council recognized that the organization was necessary and agreed to its creation, giving it the authority to act across the whole globe. This unit was given military as well as political resources to let it quietly suppress any armed conflict, from local ethnic disorders to regional wars anywhere in the world. The main aim of the organization at that time was to prevent global conflicts at short notice.

After the collapse of the main geopolitical rival, who interfered with the organization and the commercialization of national interests of all the participating countries during the last century of the Past Age, any information on the organization hardly had appeared even on the pages of tabloids. However, as it turned out later, all the while the influence net of the consortium, its’ funding, membership, interests and character had been evolving, however, staying in the shade, even for some members of governments of the participating countries.
By the time alien ships had appeared above and in the cities of megapolises the United Governments were forced to go public about their existence. For 2 B.R. years heads of the majority if countries possessing nuclear weapons, officially confirmed the existence and powers of the United Governments as an international organization representing the interests of the Earth and all humanity instead of the United Nations (in fact, being a political, economic, scientific and military elite of the society).

However, during two years the UG failed to make any contact or even approach alien spacecraft merged with the planet. During this time the excitement about the alien spaceships declined, and the media focus returned to the commercial issues. The only thing that remained obvious was alien technology and knowledge, which far exceeded those of the humans. Therefore, the UG went on with the attempts to study the aliens and their possible motives, practicing military doctrines in case of invasion.

One cannot say that humanity was not ready for a possible invasion, on the contrary, for two years this alternative had been worked out in detail, the world's leading scientists had kept saying that this would happen. Nevertheless, nobody but a handful of madmen, geniuses and fantasts were ready to the quickness and speed of its beginning. Overnight merged with the Earth extraterrestrial objects were in motion. In a few seconds, visual contact with them was lost. The planet was cut off power, all the screens went out, communications broke off, satellites failed. All the informational, social, transport and financial system of the world turned paralyzed.

The UG reacted instantly. The most effective multi-function combat aircraft of humanity took off to patrol the alien objects. However, in a quantum of a second before they approached the objects all the squadrons were destroyed. Alien creatures, called Incorporeals for their absence of material form, started to fill the Earth and the UG Military Corps failed to damage them significantly. For several minutes world capitals of the Past Age were destroyed. Attempts to intercept or block signals from extraterrestrial objects failed as well. Within ten minutes modes DEFCON 3, DEFCON 2 and DEFCON 1 were enforced one by one in the UG countries. For a quarter of an hour the Earth lost the battle. Cities lay in ruins, power plants flared with fuel, the infrastructure was destroyed and military equipment broke down.

Barely half an hour later heads of the UG, having prudently taken refuge in underground and underwater bunkers, made the only choice, though a hard one, - nuclear weapons should be used. To demonstrate the determination of humanity and its strength the targets chosen were the destroyed capitals with merged with them alien spacecraft. Since all ground-based nuclear missiles had been destroyed, the challenge of attacking was conferred to the submarine and underground battle forces of the UG.

The earth shuddered under megatons of nuclear explosions, reacting with extraterrestrial objects, and giving rise to the chain reaction in the atmosphere. The surface of the Earth turned blazing with little suns, billions of people were instantly killed, the Earth’s crust was set in motion, the poles shifted, the seas dried up, radioactive smoke shrouded the dying planet bulging at the seams. This was the moment that scientists and prophets had predicted - the end of the world called in history as the «Reset».

During the Reset several millions from a population of over 17 billion were able to find refuge in specially equipped underground bases and over hundreds of years to expand them into fully fledged underground cities. By the 132 A.R. the citizens of United Governments could be rarely met on the surface. The majority of them inhabit under the Earth within highly advanced underground megapolises. Despite their small numbers they still keep the technologies of the Past Age and its way of living.

The political system of the United Governments' society is meritocracy/technocracy/corporatocracy. This is largely due to the huge influence that the elite (the so-called majority shareholders of the Earth) had on the establishment of the United Governments, formation of the "blue" and "white" lists by which United Governments citizens that enjoyed priority prior evacuation to underground cities were selected before the Reset. Due to that Pastagers' nature tends to conflict through dominance but they have no special penchant for any alignment. The heroes and the villains are found among them.

Underground Cities of the United Governments - the scale of shelters constructed indicates that the construction itself was started well before the official formation of the United Governments. Apparently, almost every country with nuclear weapons had its own program for the construction of such shelters. In North America, this program was known as DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases).

During 132 A.R. the United Governments has 7 active underground cities out of 13 cities founded before the Reset. Three of them are located on the territory of the former North America. The population of such underground megalopolises is about 10 million people.

Initially, the bunker is located at a depth of 150-250m from the surface of the Earth, thereby providing a reliable protection against external influences and maintaining a natural zero temperature in the atmosphere of cities. According to construction blueprints, the average area of each underground megalopolis was 200-300 million square meters, thus allowing to initially accommodate between 600,000 to 1 million people.

Geological voids and natural caves accounted for during the planning, together with the technological capabilities of the United Governments allowed a "preserved" mankind to leave beyond the original bunkers (shelters) and rebuild real megalopolises under "aerial arches" of caves. Moreover, some of the initially founded bunkers became a shelter to the poorest and most unfortunate sections of the population, having turned into slums – the so-called Old Cans Districts.

Despite the fact that 8 of the 13 cities were completed with Deep-Laying Lithium Drill during construction, only 3 cities on the territory of the former North America were connected to supersonic maglev trains via transportation tunnels. Those cities are Helios (the capital of the UG by 132 A.R.), Selene and Eos. The closest them is Astraeus which is sutuated under the former Canada territory. Information communication between all the underground cities of the United Governments is via quantum communication channels, – a part of a single infrastructure information network called the Quanton.

The political system of the United Governments is meritocracy/technocracy/corporatocracy. This is largely due to the huge influence that the elite (the so-called majority shareholders of the Earth) had on the establishment of the United Governments, formation of the "blue" and "white" lists by which United Governments citizens that enjoyed priority prior evacuation to underground cities were selected before the Reset.

During years of life underground, the United Governments underwent several changes. The head of the United Governments is the President, who is elected by the heads of four corps (Scientific Corps, Economic Corps, Military Corps, and Social Corps) for a term of 10 years. The Scientific Corps is to preserve and develop the technological heritage of mankind. The Economic Corps is tasked with maintaining the economic status quo of competition as a propelling factor to the evolution of human society. The Military Corps is responsible for protecting mankind against external threats and reclaiming lost territories. The main task of the Social Corps is to supervise over all the other corps and maintain the integrity of the human society and the concept "humanity". Despite meritocratic polarization of the United Governments society, the vast majority of the society, being born underground after the Reset, is made up of staunch patriots. They have a sense of choosiness and solidarity. Social and emotional life in underground megalopolises of the United Governments is similar to the public mood in the devastated Japan after defeat in World War II, long before the Past Age.

U.G. Army Mottos:

- If you don't want a war, there is always someone else who does.

- The heroism of soldiers is a consequence a General's mistake.

- If we send our men on a mission unprepared, then we betray them.

- If you want peace, prepare for war.

- You can’t spend too much on information and ammunition.

- The size of your biceps doesn't affect the speed of a bullet.

- If you want to destroy something, destroy the source.

- There's no sense in shooting faster than you can hit.

- Battle is the harshest teacher, because bullets only mark one grade.

- In a fistfight, the one who wins is the one who has more ammo.

- The heart of military science is to be the most powerful and at the right time and place.

- Mistakes in tactics can be resolved with fast and accurate shooting, but mistakes in shooting can't be resolved by anything.

- The purpose of a pistol is to help you reach your assault rifle, which you need never go anywhere without.
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The United Governments Lore:

"... Every marine should be a good shot, and the unquestionably severe battles in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas have facilitated the resurrection and perfection of this art after decades of the Military Corps being on temporary shutdown in Underearth. But now it is time to turn our attention to the cooperation of various types of armed forces on the battlefield. Now more than ever, military appropriations need rigid control on the part of the Economic Corps and the Supervisory Council.

The fact of how wasteful the marines’ tactics have become in recent years can be demonstrated with the example of armored vehicle use. In Oklahoma and Kansas, Survivor guerillas have set roadside mines that are regularly blowing up our light "Pitbulls." The Military Corps has spent 15 billion credits developing and delivering the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) "Bear" armored vehicles. And now, when military operations in these states are at the very least hobbling to completion, the need for MRAP vehicles is gradually approaching zero. Its features, which were so necessary before, are becoming a burden: these vehicles cannot fit into standard descent carriers nor helicopters. And now soldiers are refusing these vehicles. There are already only 29 "Bears" left at the Odessa firing range this year judging by a report from lieutenant colonel Tim Fenning, …"

from a speech of Michael O’Shea,
Director of the Research Department in the Surface Recolonization Institute of Eos, 131 A.R.
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USA’s 25 richest clans of the Past Age, definitely listed in to find shelter in underground cities of the United Governments:

• Walton family: Forbes Profile.
• Koch family: Forbes Profile.
• Mars family: Forbes Profile.
• Cargill-MacMillan family: Forbes Profile.
• Cox family: Forbes Profile.
• S.C. Johnson family: Forbes Profile.
• Pritzker family: Forbes Profile.
• (Edward) Johnson family: Forbes Profile.
• Hearst family: Forbes Profile.
• Duncan family: Forbes Profile.
• Newhouse family: Forbes Profile.
• Lauder family: Forbes Profile.
• Dorrance family: Forbes Profile.
• Ziff family: Forbes Profile.
• Du Pont family: Forbes Profile.
• Hunt family: Forbes Profile.
• Goldman family: Forbes Profile.
• Busch family: Forbes Profile.
• Sackler family: Forbes Profile.
• Brown family: Forbes Profile.
• Marshall family: Forbes Profile.
• Mellon family: Forbes Profile.
• Butt family: Forbes Profile.
• Rockefeller family: Forbes Profile.
• Gallo family: Forbes Profile.

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