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One cannot say that humanity was not ready for a possible invasion, on the contrary, for two years this alternative had been worked out in detail, the world's leading scientists had kept saying that this would happen. Nevertheless, nobody but a handful of madmen, geniuses and fantasts were ready to the quickness and speed of its beginning. Overnight merged with the Earth extraterrestrial objects were in motion. In a few seconds, visual contact with them was lost. The planet was cut off power, all the screens went out, communications broke off, satellites failed. All the informational, social, transport and financial system of the world turned paralyzed.

The UG reacted instantly. The most effective multi-function combat aircraft of humanity took off to patrol the alien objects. However, in a quantum of a second before they approached the objects all the squadrons were destroyed. Alien machines started to fill the Earth and the UG Military Corps failed to damage them significantly. For several minutes world capitals of the Past Age were destroyed. Attempts to intercept or block signals from extraterrestrial objects failed as well. Within ten minutes modes DEFCON 3, DEFCON 2 and DEFCON 1 were enforced one by one in the UG countries. For a quarter of an hour the Earth lost the battle. Cities lay in ruins, power plants flared with fuel, the infrastructure was destroyed and military equipment broke down.

No one knows for sure what happened: did the aliens strike first, was it a terrorist attack, or just a mistake, why did even deactivated rockets detonate? But in a flash, that all became unimportant. A nuclear chain reaction in the atmosphere, spreading in a chain through the whole Artifact network set practically the whole surface of the Earth on fire.


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