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In this news, I would like to show you, followers, a new armor from the world of After Reset RPG: Power Armor UGSOC (United Governments Social Corps), which I am sure will cause many of you nostalgia for the Power Armor of Fallout 1,2).

Some facts about Power Armor UGSOC:

• it is the most common kind of power armor in the underground cities of the United Governments. Despite the high cost, this power armor modification, used by the UGSOC, perfectly proved itself in saving lives and popularized this type of armor among the United Governments population. This power armor modification was most widely used in the course of expanding the underground territories of the United Governments and in the construction of underground structures. Besides, Power Armor UGSOC is made of SWAT team of police departments from the Social Corps.

• the armor has diversified energy accumulators, whose central node is recharged from an external source. Despite this, a fully charged accumulator will last for at least one year of effective use of the armor.

• the armor is activated by means of emitted short-haul communication between the CORE implant of the carrier and the armor BIOS. The armor is controlled passively intuitively by reading the neural and nerve impulses in the brain and central nervous system of the carrier and transmitting them via the CORE implant. Such a close communication with the implants of the carrier makes it possible to not only increase the armor efficiency but also prevent unauthorized access to its control system. This armor model is compatible with all the CORE implant generations used by the United Governments.

• there is no transparent visor in the helmet of Power Armor UGSOC. This is done for defensive purposes and in order to improve visibility, as it would not seem strange at first glance. Instead of a transparent visor, over 5000 structural ommatidia of less than 100 microns in diameter are placed on the surface of the helmet. These ommatidia are oriented at different angles. Image from them after processing are projected directly onto the retina of the helmet carrier. This facet technology allows to increase the effective viewing angle of the carrier to 220 degrees.

• the armor has its own Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS).

• the combined structure of the armor exoskeleton in which rigid elements are combined with nanocomposite materials makes it possible to considerably increase the power quality of the carrier with minimal loss of its flexibility, inevitable for this personal protection class.

• the tag of the United Governments flag is placed on the right shoulder of the armor, while the affiliation of the carrier to the Social Corps is placed on the left. The latter is also indicated through the armor coloring and a red mark on its sites.


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