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Higgs Field Technology

Higgs Field Technology - a UG after Reset technology, developed on the scientific theory according to which a Higgs field, regardless of its even distribution in our part of the Universe, can have both low and high pressure as its natural form (in other parts of the Universe), as well as artificial. Because of the absence of evidences of changing average vacuum value of this field before the appearance of the Incorporeals and because of the colossal energies required for direct changes of this field, before the Reset the Higgs Field Theory existed only in a theoretical, static sense within the generally accepted Standard Model of Elementary Particles. And only after more than 100 years after the Reset could the Science Corps of the UG create the first stationary experimental example weapon, the Higgs Field Static Disruptor T1, which successfully underwent testing during The Dallas Incident. Despite the successful test, further development of any weapon based on this technology was officially frozen under pressure from the Economic and Social Corps of the UG. First they lobbied for an embargo against developing the technology because of its unsustainable resource consumption. Secondly, because of its potential danger for the UG:

“… The potential of this technology is as shocking as it is terrible. Yes, in medicine and terraforming this technology could be applied to deflect radiation. But at the same time, a weapon based on Higgs Field Technology is able to change elements for technology, weaponry and carbon-based life from their stable form to radioactive. Experiments with the Higgs field can directly affect the electron shields of all atoms without exception. Decreasing the size of the Higgs field reduces the mass of electrons, because of which the radius of their orbits grows. Isolated atoms survive this, as do simple molecules, but complex ones lose their stability. A small weakening of the Higgs field is almost undetectable in water, methane, carbon dioxide gas or ammonia molecules, but it has a negative effect on multi-atom biomolecule proteins and nucleic acids. They all have complex three-dimensional structures, which are destroyed even with small changes to electron mass. A directed reduction or increase of the Higgs field can become a weapon many times more terrifying than atomic weapons, reckless use of which could destroy all terrestrial life forms…”
from the report of Steven Manton,
head of the UG Social Corps, 130 A.R.

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