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Game Crash on first game load (After Character Creation)
I've been a long time supporter of this game and figured I'd give it a shot in its current state and provide some feedback if possible, however I ran into a sizeable issue fairly early on.

I start the game, it loads fine, and create a character to start the prequel mission. The computer voice comes on and asks me to stand in which I do and as I start to walk around the game minimizes and my AMD Crimson driver (the driver for the AMD card I use an R9 380) has a popup that indicates the driver had experienced a critical error. I can not change to the game window and I still hear the audio from the game. I am receiving signal from my GPU as I can navigate the desktop, however the AMD Crimson suite appears to be experiencing an error and can not open up. I closed the AMD processes and restarted Crimson and the error disappears on the crimson page (and repeats in game).

This has happened twice in both trials I did on the game, both occurred within 30 seconds of standing up in the first mission.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU: AMD 8350
GPU: AMD R9 380
Crimson (GPU) Driver Version: 16.4.2
Ram: 16 GB

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