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Companions: Keren Goston

Name: Keren Goston.
Nickname: Keren.
Race: Pastager.
Date of birth: December 26, 110 A.R.
Place of birth: Helios, Undereath.

Dark brown disheveled hair reveals a handsome but tense face of the woman in her early twenties. The wide hazel eyes of her, set sunken within their sockets, watch keenly over the desolated environment she has been lucky to survive in.

Several stars tattoo decorate her slim shoulders and some kind of bone bird large tattoo peeks out from the dry blood on the right forearm of her.

You distinguish ZUI-PIN Corporation and CYCLONE logos on her shirt and Technical Rescue Team markings on her worn orange overalls. Viscous blood traces impregnate a self-made bandage tightly wraps woman’s hip. It look like she has been suffered from severe injury and blood loss.


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