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The 'Reset' chronology *SPOILERS*

The concept of an organization representing interests of all civilized nations of the Earth was first proposed at the UN Security Council by the Alliance countries during the Second World War of the Past Age. After the war, unidentified members of the Council recognized that the organization was necessary and agreed to its creation, giving it the authority to act across the whole globe. This unit was given military as well as political resources to let it quietly suppress any armed conflict, from local ethnic disorders to regional wars anywhere in the world. The main aim of the organization at that time was to prevent global conflicts at short notice.

After the collapse of the main geopolitical rival, who interfered with the organization and the commercialization of national interests of all the participating countries during the last century of the Past Age, any information on the organization hardly had appeared even on the pages of tabloids. However, as it turned out later, all the while the influence net of the consortium, its’ funding, membership, interests and character had been evolving, however, staying in the shade, even for some members of governments of the participating countries.

The United Governments (UG) as a single organization representing the interests of all mankind became known to citizens only a few years before the Reset. By the time alien ships had appeared above and in the cities of megapolises the United Governments were forced to go public about their existence. For 5 BR years heads of the majority if countries possessing nuclear weapons, officially confirmed the existence and powers of the United Governments as an international organization representing the interests of the Earth and all humanity instead of the United Nations (in fact, being a political, economic, scientific and military elite of the society).

However, during two years the UG failed to make any contact or even approach alien spacecraft merged with the planet. During this time the excitement about the alien spaceships declined, and the media focus returned to the commercial issues. The only thing that remained obvious was alien technology and knowledge, which far exceeded those of the humans. Therefore, the UG went on with the attempts to study the aliens and their possible motives, practicing military doctrines in case of invasion.

One cannot say that humanity was not ready for a possible invasion, on the contrary, for two years this alternative had been worked out in detail, the world's leading scientists had kept saying that this would happen. Nevertheless, nobody but a handful of madmen, geniuses and fantasts were ready to the quickness and speed of its beginning. Overnight merged with the Earth extraterrestrial objects were in motion. In a few seconds, visual contact with them was lost. The planet was cut off power, all the screens went out, communications broke off, satellites failed. All the informational, social, transport and financial system of the world turned paralyzed.

The UG reacted instantly. The most effective multi-function combat aircraft of humanity took off to patrol the alien objects. However, in a quantum of a second before they approached the objects all the squadrons were destroyed. Alien creatures, called Incorporeals for their absence of material form, started to fill the Earth and the UG Military Corps failed to damage them significantly. For several minutes world capitals of the Past Age were destroyed. Attempts to intercept or block signals from extraterrestrial objects failed as well. Within ten minutes modes DEFCON 3, DEFCON 2 and DEFCON 1 were enforced one by one in the UG countries. For a quarter of an hour the Earth lost the battle. Cities lay in ruins, power plants flared with fuel, the infrastructure was destroyed and military equipment broke down.

Barely half an hour later heads of the UG, having prudently taken refuge in underground and underwater bunkers, made the only choice, though a hard one, - nuclear weapons should be used. To demonstrate the determination of humanity and its strength the targets chosen were the destroyed capitals with merged with them alien spacecraft. Since all ground-based nuclear missiles had been destroyed, the challenge of attacking was conferred to the submarine and underground battle forces of the UG.

The earth shuddered under megatons of nuclear explosions, reacting with extraterrestrial objects, and giving rise to the chain reaction in the atmosphere. The surface of the Earth turned blazing with little suns, billions of people were instantly killed, the Earth’s crust was set in motion, the poles shifted, the seas dried up, radioactive smoke shrouded the dying planet bulging at the seams. This was the moment that scientists and prophets had predicted - the end of the world called in history as the «Reset».

For many centuries, before the Past Age, the territories, formerly called "North and Central America," were dominated by the Toltec tribe. Historians and anthropologists of the Past Age were inclined to believe, that there was once a group of indigenous people, made up of the patriarchs and elite of the tribe, who had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. It was precisely to this race, that the scientists of the former Earth attributed the majority of achievements and artifacts discovered in the region. However, apparently, for some reason contact with the extraterrestrials was interrupted. The tribe's development returned to its natural course, and the Toltec race was assimilated into other tribes.

In the course of the subsequent colonization of the Americas, the majority of the indigenous population was wiped out, and the survivors were forced to live in reservations by technically superior invaders. In the country of colonist descendants, (in the Past Age, the USA, which was the most powerful nation on the world stage, which is why it was represented to a higher degree in the UG) by the time of the development of democracy and humanism, the Toltec nation had been almost completely wiped-off the face of the earth, and their mark erased from history.

During the nuclear chain reaction in Earth's atmosphere at the time of the "Reset," almost the entire biosphere was destroyed. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. Was the Reset really a retaliatory nuclear attack, authorized by the UG? Was the strike truly in retaliation? Did the Reset cause interaction between human and alien technology, or was it merely caused by it? etc.

In the course of the first half-century after the Reset, it became clear that Mother Earth would hold on… and change. Either as a result of the Reset, or while it was taking place, the aliens initiated the morphing of the planet and its satellites. An extraterrestrial landscape started to partially take hold on top of the ruins of human civilization, which had vanished suddenly in radioactive fire.

In 57 AR, just as suddenly, it was discovered that not all of humanity had been destroyed. It seems that the aliens succeeded in protecting a part of the former South America from the Reset and its consequences. The nature of this region (in 132 AR, around 7% of the earth's total surface), having been located all this time in a protecting "incubator," quickly swallowed up the remnants of industrial civilization, and harmoniously coexisted with the new additions of the morphing. The most surprising thing remains the fact that the territory truly under the protection of the aliens was populated by the reborn Toltec nation, living in harmony with both the terrestrial and extraterrestrial biospheres. Also living there were the "Incorporeals" (extraterrestrials, so called due to their lack of a clear material form), who are like gods.

The Toltec race, led by the legendary Quetzalcoatl (the intermediary between the Toltecs and the Incorporeals), sees the return of Quetzalcoatl as a part of the prophecy made by their distant ancestors. For the Toltecs, the "Invasion of the Incorporeals," is no less than the "Return of the Gods." And the Reset is the cleansing of filth, liberation from invaders, and rebirth of their nation.

The Reset, which was the collapse of one civilization and the revival of another, gave rise to changes of the planet and life forms on it as well. The variety of mutations at all levels of cellular organization of the biosphere made its’ appearance during the radioactive irradiation of most areas, as well as extraterrestrial forms of terramorphing. Until now, this biomass soup has been undergoing the process of sifting through the colander of natural selection.

There is life even in radioactive epicenters, albeit in a completely unimaginable or identifiable for the naked eye forms. Flesh, metal, organics, polymers, viruses, bacteria, fungi and cells – there are no forbidden combinations for achieving survival in areas unable to support common for the past ages carbon life.

However, among the spurious chaos of the evolutionary mayhem some stable trends can be traced. Firstly, most mutated species do not survive the stage of natural selection (perhaps, either because of the instability of the genetic nucleus, or because of the disparate with life conditions of the habitat, or some other reasons). Secondly, the rate of appearance of new mutations to AR 73 has caught up with the mortality of mutated forms, and to AR 132 they remain at comparable levels (the number of dropouts in the course of evolution is compensated by new variants). Thirdly, mutations and chromosome displacements cease on territories, which belong to the Toltecs (protected by barrier shields made by the Incorporeals), as well as on the territories of Anomalies (ruined ghost towns of the Past Age - according to unconfirmed data, endowed in the course of The Reset with consciousness or having received it in the alien terramorphing process).

Since the beginning of its existence, humanity endowed certain places and territories with personal features and consciousness, sometimes even adopting humanoid forms: "the spirits of the forest", "swamp demons", "genies of the desert" etc. In the technocratic turn in the development of the civilization, such beliefs fell into disuse, remaining only in folk traditions and legends.

The allegory was revived by Strugatsky brothers at the beginning of the Past Age in their book "The Roadside Picnic", later popularized with the screen-version by Andrey Tarkovsky. Even then, they predicted a chance of gaining self-awareness by some of the territories, which would influence everything happening in them to the boundless level: ranging from the behavior of organisms to the laws of physics.

During the Reset most of humanity of the Past Age died out, but several of its’ members managed to survive by turning to the deepest of all the human instincts - the instinct of survival. To the instinct, inevitably leading to the manifestation of other animal qualities of people: anarchy and struggling for resource remains, bloodlust and fighting for power, carnality, cannibalism and depravity. For the handful of those who survived the Reset and were left alone on the dying planet, primitive instincts became the only way to survive. These people began calling themselves the Survivors.

In 98 AR in the epicenters of nuclear attacks (the destroyed capitals of the Past Age), as well as in some other post-industrial areas a dramatic change in the pattern of radiation background was detected: a sudden drop of irradiation to the acceptable for humans level, the appearance of migratory forms of radiation, as well as periodic bursts of radiation which remain unstudied. Covered with ash, but available for accommodation and looting, destroyed cities were almost immediately settled by the savviest groups.

In these cities, where edible food and potable water are worth their weight in life and power is in the hands of anarchic bands, the survived humanity faced anomalies, the nature of which is difficult to identify even now. There are lots of conflicting rumors and legends about these anomalies among the Survivors which converge at several points: some of the destroyed during the Reset cities represent anomalous zones with consciousness; each zone has its material source; the source may be embodied in a life form, called "Proxy".

By 132 AR about one-third of the globe was covered with theoretically suitable for survival "yellow" zones with several dozens of well-known Anomalous Zones. There is a trend of local consolidation and integration according to the geographical criteria among the groups of Survivors inhabiting them.

In the course of the Reset, after the nuclear strikes on the extraterrestrial objects, and the instantly ensuing chain reaction in Earth's atmosphere, members of the UG elite, and the most advanced UG infrastructure, having previously been sheltered in deep-underground and underwater bunkers, were left to their fates, living in the bowels of the planet. All tunnels, mine-shafts, subway lines, and above-ground bunkers were either under impassable rubble, or sealed up tightly. Movements in the Earth's crust, and a pole shift as a result of the Reset and t morphing, eventually led to the destruction of parts of the underground and underwater bunker-cities of the UG.

Nonetheless, the high level of scientific, economic, social and military development of the UG, the composition of the groups of UG members in the shelters, and the threat of the extinction of mankind as a species, have allowed the UG to not only survive, but thrive, becoming the living embodiment of the innovative tendencies of the Past Age. All the same, it is worth noting that the development of the UG was severely constricted by the limited amount of useful space in the underground and underwater areas, as well as by the Regimen of Silence, a program put in place to keep the Incorporeals from knowing of the continued existence of the UG after the Reset, and also to study the effects of the incident, and the possibilities for human survival.

Such isolation allowed the UG to return to studying the Reset, and the extraordinarily advanced technology of the Incorporeals, which was apparently somehow connected with them. The simultaneous sharp decline of the aliens' population on earth over the first 100 years, together with the growing strength of the morphing of Earth caused the UG's priorities to shift from the expulsion of the aliens, to the rebirth of the true humanity, of which the UG considered itself the rightful representative.

Having moved a whole epoch beyond the technology of the Past Age allowed the UG in 112 AR to establish a few outposts on the planet's surface, and install barriers and radiation shields over industrial areas reclaimed from the Survivors.

Having not encountered a preventative attack from the Incorporeals, and having analyzed the current situation, as of 132 AR, the United Governments are beginning to think about open expansion through the areas that can support life, currently in the hands of Survivors. As the UG gradually moves toward the "Green Zones," of the Toltecs, the wheels of war begin to spin once again. A war for the remains of a planet, a planet which they consider their own…
* BR - "Before Reset"
** AR - "After Reset"
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I agree with you

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I like the amount of thought and effort that you guys are putting into all of the backstory, it really makes it refreshing to visit the site!
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Is the back story going to be vocalized or text.

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Originally Posted by Daniel Rickner View Post
Is the back story going to be vocalized or text.
It is: But I hope to make a CGI intro movie with that as well.

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