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The Quanton

The Quanton - a unified quantum computer network of the United Governments. It is a disorganized network from local quantum subnetworks called Quanton Hubs, which are often given the personalized names of bunkers, cities or other places where they exist. By 132 A.R., Quanton has reached version 4.0. It is not fully fledged AI. Initially, the prototype Quanton was developed back in the Past Age in the walls of the Science Corps of the UG, however, even in the design stage it fell under government oversight of the HRW Department (abbreviation of Human Rights Watch) of the Social Corps of the UG. The purpose of this oversight was to enforce the proactive and comprehensive ban on the creation, or accidental appearance of AI during work on the project. After the Reset, for a variety of social and technical reasons, Quanton grew into the universal information infrastructure of the whole UG.

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