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In this piece of news I want to demonstrate to you, the followers the new clothes from the world of After Reset™ RPG: the suit of a citizen of the United Governments (hereinafter, UG) which I’m sure will make many of you nostalgic for the Vault Dweller’s Suit from Fallout 1/2.

So, some facts about the UG Citizen’s Suit:

• these suits are made using Shark Skin Technology, which allows it to repel bacteria and dirt, and self-clean to a certain extent.

• hybrid and nanotechnologies of the UG allow it to change color on parts of its panels. On the left of the chest, we see that the wearer is a member of a certain UG brigade, and on the right is the wearer’s name.

• depending on the alignment of the wearer to a certain brigade, the suit can also change color shade. Additional modifications are possible. The Social Brigade over the course of many decades sets this achievable norm, so that despite the severe conditions for survival in the UG’s underground cities, Individuality wouldn’t be forgotten. All the same, beyond the boundaries of this established norm, the price of Individuality has sharply risen, and depends on the personal success of the citizen.

• the suit has its own BIOS which essentially reads data entered into it, either from an off-line source, or real time if the wearer is in a zone where the UG’s Quanton computer network is active.

• on the right shoulder of the suit the flag of the UG is depicted.

• UG resources over the last 100+ years, which they spent in isolation underground, were quite limited, and for this reason the severe economic regime was so strictly cultivated. These suits are fairly long-lived, but all the same, there were only so many suits for a period of many decades, which is why, despite their high level of technology, they’re quite worn out.


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