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Flesh Worm
Flesh Worm

Level: 2
Species: Biomass.
Race: Lower Symbiont .
Gender: None.
Alignment: True-Neutral.

HP: 50 + 4(stat) = 54.
Evasion Class: 15 + 3(stat) = 18.
Size: Small.
Field-of-Sight: 180-degree + 6%(stat) = 190-degree
Range-of-Sight: 150ft + 6%(stat) = 159ft
Attack-per-Round (6 sec): 2.
Speed-per-Round (6 sec): 30ft (6 squares).

STR: 10 [+0] avrg
AGL: 16 [+3] nice
CON: 14 [+2] good
PER: 14 [+2] v good
INT: 10 [+0] avrg
CHR: 2 [-4] v bad

Melee Weapons (AGL): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Throwing Weapons (AGL): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Firearms Weapons (PER): 0 + 2(stat) = 2
Energy Weapons (INT): 0 + 0(stat) = 0
Field Weapons(INT): 0 + 0(stat) = 0
First Aid (PER): 4 + 2(stat) = 6
Lockpick (AGL): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Traps (AGL): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Steal (AGL): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Science (INT): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Repair (INT): 0 + 0(stat) = 0
Stealth (AGL): 0 + 3(stat) = 3
Spot (PER): 0 + 2(stat) = 2
Doctor (INT): 0 + 0(stat) = 0
Outdoorsman (CON): 0 + 0(stat) = 0
Tumble (AGL): 6 + 3(stat) = 9
Expertise (INT): 0 + 0(stat) = 0
Speech (CHR): 0 - 4(stat) = -4
Trade (CHR): 0 - 4(stat) = -1

COS Mind: 3 -4(stat) = -1.
COS Reflex: 3 + 3(stat) = 6.
COS Fortitude: 3 +2(stat) = 4 .

Damage Absorption: 0 + = 0.
Armor Hardness Level: 1.

DR physical: (0% VS 0%(armor)) + 2(stat) = 2%.
DR poison: 15% VS 0%(armor) = 15%.
DR fire: -10% VS 0%(armor) = -10%.
DR acid: 0% VS 0%(armor) = 0%.
DR electro: 0% VS 0%(armor) = 0%.
DR frost: 0% VS 0%(armor) = 0%.
DR laser: 0% VS 0%(armor) = 0%.
DR plasma: 0% VS 0%(armor) = 0%.
DR field: 0% VS 0%(armor) = 0%.

Initiative: 3(base) + 3(stat) = 6.
Base Attack Bonus (medium): +1/+1.

Main Weapon (FM Teeth):
Weapon Range: none.
Attack Bonus (1PL): +1/+1.
Weapon Damage: 1d3 (Critical: 20/x2, Miss: 1).

Offhand Weapon (not applicable).

* * *

These fleshy and flexible worms have rows of needle-like teeth protruding from one end. You have seen several specimens, all of which vary in size, the largest being roughly 20 inches. While these worms seem to be blind, lacking anything resembling an eye, they are quite skilled at spatial navigation. You suspect they possess a potent sense of smell, or perhaps some form of electrosensory or smelling, as they quickly find and devour any prey -- living or dead. If there was one word to describe these creatures, it would be "disgusting."

DC Science 18:

This creature, definitely belongs to the taxon Protostomia. In its embryonic development phase, a mouth forms where there was once a blastopore, or if there is a slot-like crease, a mouth and an anal cavity form.

The smallest specimens (or embryos), that you've seen were nearly microscopic. In their turn, fully grown specimens can grow up to 20 inches long.

This Flesh Worm has well developed musculature. It's muscles lie under the external layer of covering tissue, the cells of which do a great job of protecting them from the harmful effects of the environment. Musculature, which makes up around 70% of this creature's total body volume is not always the same from individual to individual. It is composed of several layers of specialized muscle groups.

Right under the skin is where the circular muscles are located. When they are contracted via nervous impulses, the Flesh Worm's body becomes longer: it stretches out. Under the circular layer, it looks like there are groups of lengthwise muscles that are better developed in certain specimen. When these muscles are flexed, there is a reduction in the body length of the creature, causing it to compress. Judging by its motility, this specimen also has well-developed dorsoventral muscles.

You almost never find these creatures far from dead or living creatures – victims (or carriers) which are vertebrates or humans. However, it is not known with certainty where these creatures come from or whether they feed exclusively on blood or also eat the flesh of their victims. For that very reason you cannot make a snap judgment on whether this specimen is truly hematophagous.

It is very likely that the Flesh Worm's digestive tract opens at the front end of the body by a mouth opening. In the depths of the mouth cavity, immediately before the throat, there are two side jaws and a bit deeper there are two spinal jaws. Each jaw has between 50 and 100 small teeth. And it should be noted that the teeth off this creature are very sharp, which allows it to easily bite through the thick skin and tissue of warm-blooded animals.

This creature is very flexible, however you have never seen one crawling far from its nests which is filled with its victims. It seems as well that they are great at spatial navigation. You do not notice signs of even rudimentary sight organs – it is entirely possible that these specimens' senses of smell, taste and touch are unusually developed.

It is certain that this is either a predator or a parasite... or both.

DC Outdoorsman 15:

Damn, this shit is covered in slime and reminds me of a huge worm the size of an elbow with razor-sharp teeth on one end. It...yep, that's right, it's eating a body. You really hope the body is already dead.

The beast is very flexible, and due to its slime it can slide on surfaces like a hockey player on ice. No matter what it is, you do not have the desire to approach it.

And yes: though its made of flesh and blood, it looks like it'd burn like a torch. If you decided to destroy the colony of these Flesh Worms, a flamethrower or a fuel canister would be very useful to you.
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Screen Render:

Concept Art:

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Very nice. And gross. Keep up the good work!

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