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Gia Bellakofka

Name: Gia Bellakofka.
Nickname: Bella.
Race: Pastager.
Date of birth: September 14, 112 A.R.
Place of birth: Helios, Undereath.

Gia was born September 14th, 112 A.R. in a typical middle class United Governments family. Gia’s father, Jensen Belakofka, a reserve member of the Military Corps, owned a small agriculture business, while her mother, Katrina Malik managed a small ecological department in the Economic Corps.

Gia spent most of her happy childhood in the capital, Underearth. Being a typical fidgety child, she often got in trouble with her parents, but every time, as if by a miracle, she was able to wriggle her way out of the weirdest situations. She was so good at getting out of trouble, that despite her getting into an endless number of less than great situations (more absurd than dangerous), her parents only had to move her to another school once.

At 16, when she reached legal majority, following the standard Training Program, Gia went through a yearlong tour in the Helios Social Corps, then in the Science Corps, and at 19 in the Economic Corps. She kept herself entertained with semilegal cave racing, which landed her in the hospital in March 131 A.R., where, lying on a hospital bed, she met Alan Bodrick. The couple fell in love at first sight and ever since then have rarely been seen without one another.

In 132 A.R., Gia and Alan, both with one year of service left, signed up for the Military Corps together for their last training tour, after which they planned on getting married. A few months later, Alan was sent to Gyes, a distant outpost on the surface. They applied for a couple’s transfer, and were accepted, so Gia was sent off with him.


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