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Hi, guys!

As is our tradition, in this weekly update I’d like to share the current state of affairs for our various productions. Beginning with the next update, most will also include a fresh build/patch.


After announcing the completion of key distribution (in the previous update) we had several waves of backers who didn’t receive the keys for various reasons. It was quite large percentage, about 30% overall. By now all of those issues have been resolved and the missing keys have been sent to their legal owners.

Don’t worry; if you’re a backer who hasn’t been following our updates and is still missing the key, it’s not too late. Feel free to PM me via Kickstarter or by e-mail (, and we will expedite the delivery of your key.


I’d like to thank all backers who reported various bugs and typos on our forum:

Thanks to your feedback, we managed to fix most of the reported problems while resolving issues with key submission. We’re going to do more this weekend and throughout the rest of the week so we can publish this upcoming patch by next weekend.

Here’s a general list of changes and fixes coming:
- Various interface fixes for MAC and Linux;
- Application launcher error fix for MAC;
- "Space" hotkey for skipping each of in-game videos added;
- Sound effects for main menu fixed;
- New cursors added;
- Typos in the Modes descriptions corrected;
- The intensity and frequency of the holographic distortion visual effect has been substantially lowered;
- Main menu text size scaling added to the Options/Gameplay menu;
- Auto-scaling for panels in the main menu added;
- Premade characters activated;
- Zoom/rotate buttons added for the model of the character through the character creation;
- Random button added for Stats, Skills, and Feats stages of character generation, so you can allocate each prompt by chance;
- New icons for the Skills added;
- Message with all available content for the current build added, so now you won't be puzzled with "Why can't I proceed?" questions;
- Alphabetical auto-sorting for the Feats added;
- Typos in the feats descriptions corrected.
- and likely much more…


We’ve also completed most of the video/sound/voice acting for the first in-game short story movie, which will be launched after the character creation process (before the next area loads). I also hope to include it in the next patch. Above you can see a shot from it, and you can download it in full HD (1920x1080) for your wallpaper here:


I’m also proud to present several of the latest objects we’ve made for the prologue (the Gyes’ interior prefabs):


I’d also like to show off our new items (various tool kits) that have been added to the build, and you can see previews of them below. You can also download it in full HD (1920x1080) via this link:

First Aid Kit 'Astrolis Pharma'

Base Item: First Aid Kit. Weight: 3 lb.
Special Properties: + On Use (+10 to First Aid skill).

* * *

This First Aid Kit is a portable boxed collection of supplies and equipment used in first aid. Produced by one of the major UG Corporation, Astrolis Pharma, these kits have been commercially available since 130 A.R.

The contents can be used to stop bleeding, open restricted airways, thicken/thin the blood, reduce pain, inflammation, and treat first-response trauma. It also has masks, gloves, syringes, Geiger counter, and other essential medical equipment.

AED Kit 'Astrolis Pharma'

Base Item: AED Kit. Weight: 5 lb.
Special Properties: + Revival: performs d20 roll + Fortitude CoS against DC30 death to revive yourself (passive roll) or your companion (activated roll) if either of you has this item in inventory.

* * *

The Automated External Defibrillator Kit (or AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life threatening cardiac arrhythmias in a patient, such as ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, and is able to treat them in order for the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm. It can sustain a mortally wounded subject for 24 hours (but they will still need medical aid).

Produced by Astrolis Pharma, this portable medical device became standard issue for all trauma units, hospitals, and ground outposts for the UG in 130 A.R.

Science Tools 'Kitaro Scientific'

Base Item: Science Kit. Weight: 6 lb.
Special Properties: + On Use (+10 to Science skill).

* * *

The Science Tools, produced by Kitaro Scientific since 101 A.R., are essentially portable scientific laboratories, programmed with Research Operations Nano-Assistants and the Advanced Hardware Data Analyzer DA-7, complete with a customizable set of Program Cubes and other small instruments.

These science kits are widely used by the Science Corps' and forensic crime units, primarily for field research outside of the UG colonies. The powerful hardware cores are also frequently used by engineers for data analysis, and even the hacking of electronic devices.

Because of its widespread use it became available for civilian purchase in 102 A.R, but was soon put back on the restricted materials list after black market knock-offs dealt a crippling blow Kitaro Scientific’s cash flow.

General Repair Kit 'Ishima Engineering'

Base Item: Repair kit. Weight: 6 lb.
Special Properties: + On Use (+9 to Repair skill).

* * *

The General Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. It contains a plethora of advanced DIY tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools, Environmental Control and Life Support System Repair Tools, Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT, MnA EORT, and more.

This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54 A.R.

Electronics Repair Kit 'Ishima Engineering'

Base Item: Repair Kit. Weight: 6 lb.
Special Properties: + On Use (+10 to Repair skill).

* * *

The Electronics Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. Unlike General Repair Kits this set is specialized to deal with sophisticated electronic versions of advanced DIY and LAB tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools Mk II, Environmental Control LAB-SPEC and LSS Pro Repair Tools, High Energy Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT Mk II, MnA EORT etc.

This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54 A.R.


We’ve completed the lettering for The Fall of Gyes graphic novel. I also registered ISBN and barcodes for digital and hardcover versions. We’ve also applied for LCCN at the Library of Congress. It should come within two weeks. Meanwhile, Adam is preparing the source files to be sent to me, and I’ll complete the final page design in preparation for digital and hardcover printing.

Here I’d like to remind our TFoG backers to check their names for the credits (“personal thanks” section) on this topic:

If I made a mistake and forgot you to add or exclude you (due to a previous request for anonymity), please send me an e-mail ( to edit the list. A few rules: no nicknames, no letters, no middle names, only first and last names. Let’s do it like the professionals.

On the topic of future printing: if you’re purchasing (or just considering) a TFoG hardcover, you still have a chance to do that via our STORE page. If you do it BEFORE we send the order out to our printing company (in March, I reckon) you will receive a signed hardcover at the same time as our original TFOG backers.

But if you’re interested, I encourage you to do that AFTER (I’ll remind you about the right in a following update) you get a chance to read the digital version. This way you can be sure that this way of supporting AR is a worthy one. Frankly, I’ve already printed it “homemade” with a laser color printer on A4, and it is amazing. I rarely found such quality and style in comic book stores in California. However, I’d prefer that all of you check out the digital version for yourself and see what works best for you.

* * *

Well, I believe that is a decent stock of news for this week. Hope you like what you’ve read and seen.

Thanks for rooting for us, and have a good weekend!


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