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Repair Kit

Electronics Repair Kit "Ishima Engineering"

Base Item: repair kit.
Weight: 3.8 lb.

Special Properties:
• On Use (+10 to Repair skill).

* * *

The Electronics Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. Unlike General Repair Kits this set is specialized to deal with sophisticated electronic versions of advanced DIY and LAB tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools Mk II, Environmental Control LAB-SPEC and LSS Pro Repair Tools, High Energy Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT Mk II, MnA EORT etc.

This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54 A.R.


Item Resource Name: electronics_repair_kit_ishima_engineering
In game model: electronics_repair_kit_ishima_engineering
Ground model: electronics_repair_kit_ishima_engineering
Stack: 5
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 650, 70, 100, 800, 50, 300, 100
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 38
Unidentified Description: Slim light grey case made from some kind of plastic with rubber handles. Loos like it is used for something important...

Concept, Render.

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