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Brian Luke

Name: Brian Luke.
Nickname: Dr. Luke.
Race: Pastager.
Date of birth: December 5, 51 A.R.
Place of birth: Eos, Undereath.

In scientific circles, Brian Luke had made a reputation for himself as a distinguished micro- and synthetic biologist. Born in 51 A.R. in the technology city Eos (one of the three underground cities of the United Governments in the former USA) into a family with a long history of being researchers in the Scientific Corps of the UG. He was raised in an atmosphere of open curiosity, fascination and a penchant for the undiscovered.

He had quite a strict upbringing, due to the fact that both of his parents belonged to the administration of Kaisha Technology (one of the largest corporations in the UG), and with age Brian discovered he had the same organizational talent of a strong senior manager and a great managing consultant. Thanks to that, in 102 A.R., he was already head of the Biology department at the Eos Institute of Advanced Industrial Science.

He refused a career in private corporations (“for the purity of science,” as he once argued to his parents) during his years of service in the Scientific Corps he also earned a reputation as a political conservative and government loyalist.

It is entirely possible that it was precisely that, which played the deciding role in sending Brian to the Surface in 130 A.R. where he actively took part in designing and developing the New Dallas ecosphere. In the same year he met his future wife, Maria Edgargh, and just half a year later they were married.

At the end of 131 the couple got permission to have two children immediately and submitted the documents to the Artificial Fertilization Center of New Dallas. Waiting for his children, at the beginning of 132 A.R. Brian nonetheless agreed to the request of his friend and colleague to go on an assignment to one of the new command bunkers of the UG on the Surface under the code name “Gyes” as a temporary Head of the Science Department…

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That looks totally wicked!

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