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Mutant creatures of concept art
Does this game really need anything like the images depicted in concept art?

Nothing like this split open, tentacle sprouting stuff could survive in the real world. Fallout had a game setting for really goofy unrealistic 1950s science fiction stuff like this, maybe make it an option for those who want outlandish night mare stuff to shoot at. I think in Fallout the setting was called "zany world" or something like that.

If there are going to be unrealistic tunnels and mazes that serve no real world purpose with fantasy monsters, maybe they too can be part of a "zany world" option as opposed to mandatory to continue or complete the game. What does it matter and to whom how a gamer configures their game once they've paid for it?

Why aren't more games developed that the player doesn't mind having anyone who's opinion they really value walk up behind them and watch them play a while. Games to give as a gift to anybody who's opinion of them they care about, because the gamer enjoyed it thinks the recipient will enjoy it, and it may impress the recipient with the tastes of the sender?

Which game would you give as a gift, one that makes you and probably the recipient think of people you know who live in their parent's basement, or childhood bedroom, waiting for their monthly disability or welfare check, or a game reminiscent of a good believable book or movie with few if any jarring scenes that jar you out of your immersion and require a suspension of disbelief?

There are plenty of people to try and rob or mug you in the street and all kind of lures to get you were people can rip you off one way or another.

Maybe have the character get dropped with a rock to the head thrown from behind, dragged off and robbed, maybe catch a stray round from a robbery or fight down the street, or fall victim to a pack robbery that happens fast and without warning to put to make clear the surface amongst people is not a safe world?

Maybe all of this done realistically with the warning cues there if you know what to look for. Have a sympathetic character maybe a good cop, or Ivy give the gamer real pointers that might help them avoid danger on the streets of the real world, after he or she has been victimized in the game. Have them practice this through out the game.

Depict realistic victims of crime recently victimized, included gravely injured or dead. Depict good and corrupt examples of law enforcement.

Have the avatar questioned and shaken down near the scene of a crime by law enforcement that takes their valuables including their weapon and leaves them disarmed and without resources in a place where you can't trust anybody and have no place to stay.

If they have engineering or other tech skills have Ivy guiding them to a tinker type person who will give them a chance to demonstrate and maybe develop their skills on servicing the technology of the surface with the tools available. A chance to earn as opposed to loot some used but refurbished gear like maybe an exoskeleton and/or a pack drone or MPM or two; a weapon or two, some protective gear like armor, and tools and such gear to try to practice an honest trade, if they choose or get the chance.

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