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Query regarding Armour
I am curious how you are going to approach armour in your game. A lot of games give an overall armour value depending on what you are wearing which can sometimes make little sense. An example would be a ballistic vest. This armour generally protects the torso area only and leaves the extremities unarmoured in which case an overall armour value makes doesn't make sense in my opinion. What happens if you are hit in the head?

This leads me to the question of will you implement various body locations even in such a basic fashion as head, torso, arms and legs? This would allow for a more realistic distribution of armour defensive values. For example a character could be wearing said ballistic vest along with a riot helmet and a heavy leather duster all of which could have different armour values. I know this adds a depth of complication you may feel unnecessary but it would allow for more realism and for characters to be able to choose to mix and match what they are wearing to provide a more complete defence,

I am just interested how this subject will be treated in your game as personally I don't particularly like games where it is possible to pick up multiple sets of armour most of which are redundant as you only wear the best and sell the rest. It strikes me you are trying to make things as realistic as possible in your game so I wondered if this is something you have considered.
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Hi Warrior. We got ideas and already working on the embodiment in the engine. But you need to wait till we test it and post in the news about Inventory and Apparel. Regarding that you wrote, I bet, you'll like it.

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