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NBC Suit

NBC Suit "Lab Rat"

Armor Hardness Level: 1.
Maximum Agility Bonus: 4.
Armor Evasion Class Bonus: 6.

DR Physical (common): 15%
DR Poison (common): 0%
DR Fire (environmental): 90%
DR Acid (environmental): 90%
DR Electro (environmental): 90%
DR Frost (environmental): 90%
DR Laser (rare): 25%
DR Plasma (rare): 20%
DR Field (rare): 0%

Base Item: light armor.
Armor Mobility Penalty: none.
Armor Skills Penalty: -1.
Feats Required: Armor Proficiency (light armor) and Armor Proficiency (hi-tech armor).
Durability: 35/35.
Weight: 25 lb.

Special Properties:
• Immunity (radiation);
• Immunity (infection);
• Apparel Slots Limitation (no headwear, no boots).

* * *

NBC Suit (which stands for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) is a type of scientific personal protective equipment designed to provide protection against direct contact with radioactive, biological and chemical substances, and provides protection from contamination with radioactive, biological and chemical materials.

This portable and self-contained full-body unit, called by scientists of the UG Science Corps as "Lab Rat", is filled with all manner of protection against hazardous materials, and includes a breathing apparatus (SCBA) for long-term use. This model of NBC Suit has been officially produced by IBR corporation for the Science Corps, hospitals of Underearth and for commercial sector since 94 A.R.
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Item Resource Name: nbc_suit_lab_rat_UNISEX
In-Game Model: nbc_suit_lab_rat_
Ground Model: nbc_suit_lab_rat_onthefloor
Stack: none
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 10000, 1000, 7100, 8000, 30500, 4000, 800
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 40
Unidentified Description: This thing looks like scarecrow made from plastic, metal and glass. You see your own distorted reflection staring back at you in the mirrored visor. Creepy...

Armor Full Model Swap: yes
Apparel Slots [headwear]: blocked
Apparel Slots [accessory]: ok
Apparel Slots [wristgear]: ok
Apparel Slots [belt]: ok
Apparel Slots [boots]: blocked
Apparel Slots [backpack]: ok


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