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MIC Drone

This model of assistant drone is the result of cooperation between Lockhart Robotics and MARPCO, the largest military contractor of the United Governments responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military. Like most of the other models, this assistant drone can be piloted remotely by OS hub, works automatically in offline mode, and may be operated manually.

With centuries of experience, Lockhart Robotics remains the leader in drones markets and manufactures the majority of commercial and governmental standard drones. Their production dominance resulted in drones becoming cheap and readily available human substitutes for most dirty tasks or routines.

This model of assistant drone is basically just a modified version of standard police drones used by Police Departments Underearth. The major circuitries that underwent changes were the weapon systems swapped with the latest versions of drone laser cannons, which shares its specs with PHELP-14 arms.

Since 112 A.R. the MIC Assistant Drones have proved themselves useful for indoor security and outdoor patrol operations of the UG Army.

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