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Black Sand

Black Sand PMC (Private Mercenary Company) Mottos:

- The best weapon is the one you use.

- A rifle is just a tool. The weapon is you.

- The survivor is not the one who shoots first, but the one who shoots last.

- You don't need to be able to disassemble your weapon quickly and accurately; you just need to be able to fire quickly and accurately.

- Treat every shot like it’s your last.

- If you hit your target's left knee with a 5.45mm, and his right knee with a 7.62mm, he won't feel the difference.

- When driven into a corner, a tomcat becomes a tiger.

- There is always someone faster and stronger than you. Make sure you know who it is before you meet them on the battlefield.

- When you are losing, you only have three options: surrender, compromise, or retreat. The first option is complete defeat and the second is partial defeat. Only the third is not a failure. Until you are defeated, you still have a chance.

- Nothing motivates you quite like being shot at and missed.

- Black Sand emphasizes quality over quantity.

- Black Sand mercs do everything that can be done. The others don't really do that.

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