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Human Races in After Reset RPG: Part VI. Toltecs.
Hi guys,

In this news we proceed to the Character Creation Process which sketch you could see in our video earlier: Main Menu and Character Creation Overview.

As we already examined all Species of After Reset world, let's what races the Human species consists of. In this news we launch a series of lore publications about human races of the After Reset world. This news is dedicated to Toltecs.

Beyond that, if you've just joined to our daily news stream, you can find previous data about other human races at these links:
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In the SACPIC game mechanics race is a significant classification system used to categorize species into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to storyline limitations, you can choose only Pastager race for your character in After Reset RPG's single-player modes. Despite that, you will meet a variety of other races during your adventure in the world of the game.


For many centuries before the Past Age, the territories formerly called "North and Central America," were dominated by the Toltec tribe. Historians and anthropologists of the Past Age were inclined to believe that there was once a group of indigenous people, made up of the patriarchs and elite of the tribe, who had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. It was precisely to this race that the scientists of the former Earth attributed the majority of achievements and artifacts discovered in the region. However, for some reason, contact with the extraterrestrials was interrupted. The tribe's development returned to its natural course, and the Toltec race was assimilated into other tribes like Olmec, Aztec, etc.

During the subsequent colonization of the Americas, the majority of the indigenous population was wiped out, and the survivors were forced to live on reservations by technically superior invaders. This country of colonist descendants was, in the Past Age, the USA - the most powerful nation on the world stage, which is why it was represented to a higher degree in the UG. By the time democracy and humanism were developed, the Toltec nation had been almost completely wiped-off the face of the earth, and their mark erased from history.

Decades after the Reset, the native Indian survivors formed prosperous civilized society in the former North America - the Indian Alliance. By 132 A.R. their descendants believe that the Gods destroyed the invasive civilization of the Past Age to save their ancestors and bring them to the celestial world, and that their ancestors who deserved it were taken to that world, giving birth to the new Toltec race. And they believe that those who have remained on Earth should live with respect to the traditions of the tribes, so that they can earn the right to be invited to the land of Gods and become true Toltec.

* * *

Despite I don't think you'll meet any Toltecs in the game (but I don't deny it as well) I believe that it is good to give that small peace of lore about them without spoilers because they're very important part for myths, folklore and religion of Natives.

When we reveal full HD concept arts of those couple (for our backers exclusively) it will be easy for you to identify some strange marks and things on/in them.

Just keep in mind that everything (really everything) in our concept arts is important. Usually it takes us 5-12 variants till we set the final one fitted my vision of the setting. E.g. you can not find anything on Survivors' clothes concepts that belongs to the Past Age. By the 132 A.R. this is a new civilization and they produce their clothes by themselves (that requires matching every stuff on the clothes with their tech/social/economy/design level) because all clothe made from natural materials must become an ash for 100+ years in major environments. However, in Deviants' concepts you can see a species of rags from the Past Age (but made with synthetic materials only and without any metal parts). That is because Deviants are not welcome in Survivors societies and usually have to live alone and wear anything that they can find.

I hope you like what you've just read. There are more lore about the Touched race is coming. And according to our tradition, after the end of that small series we'll put those pretty concept arts in HD available to our backers exclusively.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned!


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