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Human Races in After Reset RPG: Part III. Deviants.
Hi guys,

In this news we proceed to the Character Creation Process which sketch you could see in our video earlier: Main Menu and Character Creation Overview.

As we already examined all Species of After Reset world, let's what races the Human species consists of. In this news we launch a series of lore publications about human races of the After Reset world. This news is dedicated to Deviants.

Beyond that, if you've just joined to our daily news stream, you can find previous data about other human races at these links:
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In the SACPIC game mechanics race is a significant classification system used to categorize species into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to storyline limitations, you can choose only Pastager race for your character in After Reset RPG's single-player modes. Despite that, you will meet a variety of other races during your adventure in the world of the game.


When the Reset happened, most of the people perished instantly. The majority of those who survived on the surface died in the following years from the ionizing radiation, hazardous environments and social madness.

Among the long-term effects of radiation which affected the survivors, the most deadly was leukemia. An increase in leukemia appeared about two years after the attacks and peaked around four to six years later. For all other cancers, incidence increase did not appear until around ten years after the Reset.

While there was no verified evidence of increasing mutation levels among the first descendants of survivors, the long term health effects have affected their later generations. A very few of them have visible or noticeable mutations, and were lucky to survive natural selection on the surface. Such mutants are called Deviants by the other survivors. Being unwelcome in almost any survivors' societies, Deviants usually live the lifestyle of loners or hermits, hiding their presence from others. Though most of these mutants die from natural selection, and a majority are sterile – a few of them are still fertile. In some cases, those babies born to Deviants may not be affected by their parents' mutations, and therefore would not be considered as Deviants.

* * *

I hope you like what you've just read. There are more lore about the races is coming (Deviants, Stalkers, Natives, Toltecs and Touched). And according to our tradition, after the end of that small series we'll put those pretty concept arts in HD available to our backers exclusively.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned!


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