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Hi guys,

This brief update is to keep you in the loop with our production process.

We spent a great deal of time cooperating with professionals to work on the script with the largest cinema studios’ standards in mind to achieve not just "another graphic novel", but a novel with the ultimate "Wow"-effect.

Two weeks ago, we received evaluation marks from backers from our test audience (US).
Here are the general average marks as they were:
A+ (22-27 years old)
A/B+ (27-34 years old)
B (34-40 years old)
B- (40+ years old)

Last week, we worked hard with testers to upgrade the script based on user feedback so that the novel’s script became A+/A- for age segments from 22yo to 40+yo.

But that’s not the end of all the things that we have done. Now we have the final (7th) version of script approved, as well as dialogues, characters and objects refs. So during the first weeks of July, we should get into painting.

Sorry for the possible delay, but we want to maintain the AAA quality (right?). Trust me, the wait will be worth it. To any of our supporters who are feeling doubtful and are not squeamish about spoilers – please feel free to request the script (34+ pages of text!) from me through PM.

Once again, thank you friends! Stay tuned for the upcoming game campaign reboot next week!

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