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Hi guys,

We've reached 5000+ followers through Steam Early Access (SEA), and the amount of people who are waiting for our game really inspires us. Hurrah!

We made a big step forward toward the SEA release during May, and now we have almost all models for interior of the Gyes bunker for the prologue. We've also completed the character creation interface, we'll publish soon at Co-Founders section on our official forum. The latter of which inspired more lore about other species of the After Reset world that you will meet in the game: About the Species.

Beyond that we're also going to reboot our Kickstarter project for After Reset RPG prologue part on Kickstarter this July. As we sad earlier, we need $50k in total to make SEA release possible for early fall of 2014. Through direct pledges we've raised about $15k and thus we're going to set $35k as our initial goal, but we'll also have a few separate stretch goals.

If everything goes according to plan the SEA release of the After Reset RPG prologue will be available this September (before post-apoc strategy Wasteland 2 and epic RPG Dragon Age 3). For our Kickstarter and Direct backers this date will come earlier, of course.

As a part of our preparation for this reboot, we're going to be holding back on June developer updates so we can ramp things up during the campaign. This time we'll be prepared with updates to be revealed every day or day in a day. And, by tradition, our Co-Founders will still be able to see these updates on the VIP sub forum much earlier: Co-Founders' Lounge.

By the time you read this, I'm glad to report that we finished the script of the Fall of Gyes graphic novel and sent it to our volunteer testers. We're looking forward to hearing their impressions soon.

Another small pleasant news: as requested, at last we've created an off-topic sub-forum on our official forums. That can be found here: The Lobby (Off Topic)

And by the end of current news I must say due to increase of lore data we are desperately need extra editor/proofreader, US native, to help in polishing our texts for: news/updates, KS project rebooted, in-game lore, dialogs and storyline. If you feel fitted, please, write at my e-mail:

Thank for your support, friends, and stay tuned!


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