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The M57 Advanced Automatic Rifle (AAR) is a lightweight, magazine-fed .22in (5.56mm) weapon used by the United States Marine Corps during the Past Age, decades before the United Government's foundation. It is intended to enhance an automatic rifleman's maneuverability, displacement speed, and providing independent power supply for integrated Acceleration Coils and relevant attachments, which are charged automatically with every shot fired by the Kinetic Energy Absorber that is built into the rifle's body. The hardened structure, enhanced barrel, and Coil Accelerator allow ETC ammo to be used for this weapon.

Due to its impressive tactical characteristics the assault rifle became very popular among various Private Military Companies and was only put into service by the Military Corps much later. Miller's Manufacturing Company was the last corporation (before the Reset) to win the government contract for the M57 AAR's production.

By the 132 A.R. energy weapons have completely displaced firearms within the UG's society, thus this weapon, like any other firearms, are quite rare in the Underearth. Meanwhile, above the surface, this is considered a valuable Past Age relic by survivors and is used extensively by Black Sand mercenaries.

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