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A character or creature that is caught unawares or otherwise unprepared is considered to be flat-footed (e.g. if the character or creature is attacked from hide or by invisible creature or from any creature that is out of its Sight). A flat-footed character loses his agility, dodge, and tumble bonuses (but not the penalty for a negative agility modifier) to evasion class (EC) and cannot make attacks of opportunity. The Unnatural Dodge and Sharpened Reflexes feats allow retention of the dexterity EC bonus when flat-footed, but dodge and tumble bonuses are still lost (as is the ability to make attacks of opportunity, etc.).

A character will be considered flat-footed if attacked by an unseen creature. Being unseen can be the result of blindness, invisibility, stealth, or coming from out of sight. In other circumstances, a character is flat-footed when doing none of the following: attacking (melee or ranged), moving, or using a feat, or special ability.

In particular, the following conditions preclude those three activities, so effectively cause one to be flat-footed: immobilized, stunned, paralyzed, frozen, prone, and sleeping. Furthermore, an empty action queue can cause a character to become flat-footed as soon as they finish combat; doing nothing does not cause a character to become flat-footed until a few seconds have passed (indicated visually by equipped weapons returning to their default pose).

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