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Hey, guys!

Today we’ve got a brief item update for the After Reset RPG prologue:
- Repair Kit 'Ishima Engineering' (is used to improve Repair skill);
- Science Tools 'Kitaro Scientific' (is used to improve Science skill);
- First Aid Kit 'Astrolis Pharma' (is used to improve First Aid skill);
- AED Kit 'Astrolis Pharma (is used to revive fallen companions).


The Repair Kit contains all the essentials an engineer might need to fix pretty much anything constructed by man. It contains a plethora of advanced DIY tools including: General Repair Tools, Computer Repair Tools, Environmental Control and Life Support System Repair Tools, Weapon Repair Tools, FOKRT, HESRT, RRT, MnA EORT etc.

This advanced repair kit is standard issue to all engineering personal working with Ishima Engineering since the beginning of the UG’s Underearth colonization, beginning in 54AR.

Base Item: repair kit.
Special Effect: +10 to Repair skill.


The Science Tools, produced by Kitaro Scientific since 101AR, are essentially portable scientific laboratories, programmed with Research Operations Nano-Assistants and the Advanced Hardware Data Analyzer DA-7, complete with a customizable set of Program Cubes, and other small scientific instruments.

These science kits are widely used by the Science Corps' for field research outside of the UG colonies, as well as forensic crime units. The powerful hardware cores are also frequently used by engineers for data analysis, and even the hacking of electronics.
Because of it’s widespread use it became available for civilian purchase in 102AR, but was soon put back on the restricted materials list after black market knock-offs dealt a crippling blow Kitaro Scientific’s cash flow.

Base Item: science tools.
Special Effect: +10 to Science skill.


This First Aid Kit is a portable boxed collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid. Produced by one of the major UG corporations - Astrolis Pharma, these kits are commercially available since 130AR.

The contents can be used to stop bleeding, open restricted airways, thicken/thin the blood, reduce pain and inflammation, and treat first-response trauma. It also has masks, gloves, syringes, Geiger counter, and other basic medical equipment.

Base Item: first aid kit.
Special Effect: +10 to First Aid skill.


The Automated External Defibrillator Kit (or AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life threatening cardiac arrhythmias in a patient, such as ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, and is able to treat them in order for the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm, and can sustain a mortally wounded subject for 24 hours (but they will still need medical aid).

Produced by Astrolis Pharma, this portable medical equipment became standard issue for all trauma units, hospitals, and ground outposts for the UG since 130AR.

Base Item: aed kit.
Special Effect: performs d20 roll + Fortitude CoS against DC30 death to revive yourself (passive roll) or your companion (activated roll) if you have a companion in your party and you or he/she has this item in inventory.


Well, guys, that is all for today. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned!


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