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Global Factions

There are many different factions that emerged from the ruins of the former United States, and most of them have forgotten what it was like before the Reset (the "Past Age"). Only second-hand stories and verbal accounts of the apocalypse remain for most of the world, with the UG being one of the few exceptions. During your adventures (taking place after 132 A.R.) through the Great Desert and State of Eagle, you will be able to meet five Global Factions.

These factions have spread among many other territories of the former US and represent enough power and/or influence to be regarded as Global Factions, including the following. These Global Factions represent different societies, different views, morals and beliefs. Each of these global factions has a unique style of life and relevant technology level.

1. Nomads (quite a nominal faction which is any group of Survivors, descendants of the people who were lucky enough to survive the Reset but unlucky enough to survive it above the surface, who constantly stay on the move).

During the first decades after the Reset, the time called both by the Survivors and Natives as the Hurricane Days, the last human cities above the surface vanished and the evidence of human civilization perished. Following Dunbar’s Rule that is soldered into human nature, the descendants of people (above surface) survived by gathering into small groups of less than eighty people. As the Yellow zones (relatively well accommodated for life) were too rare that time, these people adopted a migratory lifestyle. Due to all culture, material knowledge of the Past Age was lost and most of the flora and fauna were critically damaged. So, the new civilization had to start over from the beginning: hunting, gathering, raiding and pasture (this way of life spread after 80s A.R.). Lack of human impact on nature allowed it to evolve and take revenge on virtually every biosphere from plankton to mammals. One way or another, by 100 A.R. a new civilization of Survivors emerged though they were still separated into groups of Nomads, usually consisted of several dozens of people, constantly moving within Yellow zones, practicing Social Darwinism within trading with other groups or fighting over scarce resources.

TECH LEVEL - INFERIOR: Despite the tech level of Nomads can dramatically vary, in general they have the lowest Tech Stage due to their constantly moving way of life.

2. The Indian Alliance (one of the largest and first formed union within the former US, formed by tribes of people with native Indian blood).

The Indian Alliance has been naturally formed by many tribes of descendants of the Indians which were almost completely vanished or assimilated during the Past Age. They believe that the Gods destroyed the invasive civilization of the Past Age to save their ancestors and bring them to the celestial world, that those of their ancestors who deserved it were taken to that world, and those who remained on Earth should live decently and with respect to the traditions of the tribes, and earn the right to be invited to the land of Gods. The Indian Alliance is based on the Toltecs’ traditions, and they’re generally very racist towards non-Indians. They allow slavery (in Toltec’s or Aztec’s style), but mostly don’t need it. They are relatively prosperous in the apocalypse, with a strong sense of cultural identity.

TECH LEVEL - LOW: The Indian Alliance has low Tech Stage due to their conservative traditions. Mostly technologies up to the 19th century can be found among their tribes.

3. The New Confederacy (a very young union comprised of individual cities or settlements of survivors).

The New Confederacy is based on hate and fear of the UG, and they approve of slavery in the same style as the Roman Empire, which drives their ideology and symbolism from the history of American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as their economy. It is still in its infancy, and thus overcoming growing pains, but is quickly rising and aiming to become the dominant faction of the region, and adopts the US traditions, as well as Machiavellianism.

TECH LEVEL - FAIR: The New Confederacy’s Tech Stage features mostly 20th century equipment.

4. Black Sand (a small but wide-spread mercenary faction, founded by the principles of PMC and/or the Pinkertons).

The Black Sand’s mercenaries, founded by descendants of the PMC personal, are a very small and closed-off militarized society that brings up its members mostly within itself like it was in ancient Sparta, and following some kind of impartial Mercenary Codex. Though technically neutral, their members are known and feared in most regions of Eastern America by 132 A.R.

TECH LEVEL - NEXT-GEN: The Black Sand’s mercenaries use tech from beyond 21th century, but those are still regarded as out-of-date to the United Governments.

5. The United Governments (peoples of the Past Age, digging out on the surface from their underground cities).

The United Governments must be the most understandable for readers and players. Once they were a united human civilization of roughly 2100+ years (on the Gregorian calendar). During the Reset, this globalized human society converted into a canned version of a sci-fi future society, with a similar backstory to the Japanese after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

TECH LEVEL - CUTTING-EDGE: The United Governments has all the tech from the 22nd century and beyond, since they have still been researching and developing new methods during their underground live confinement.

6. Stalkers (very small groups of people somehow connected to the Artifacts left by aliens during the Reset).

Before the Dallas Incident, there hadn’t been much evidence regarding their existence, only rumors and stories among survivors who caught brief glimpses of them, or the strange Artifacts they seemed to revere and protect. Rumors suggested that the Artifacts are actually alive, that they could ‘talk’ with certain special people, even 'change' them in strange and often unpredictable ways. Others simply disappeared, though there are few who claim to have witnessed it. There’s simply more questions than answers when it comes to the Stalkers.

TECH LEVEL - UNKNOWN: Stalkers are as mysterious as the Artifacts themselves.

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