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Hello, boys and girls.

As I promised, our first news post (after The Fall of Gyes Kickstarter campaign succeeded) will be about our recent development of the main menu, and we've got several screenshots to show you, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

Inspired by the Knights of Old Republic, we'd like to have our background scenes change as you progress through the story. For the prologue, where you create your character, we made the background scene to look like a e-microscopic view of your character's DNA. Note: The FPS frame rate at the top left of every screen is just for technical purposes, but we'll remove it after Debug Panel integration.

Here you can see our PRESS ANY BUTTON screen. Beyond the quality of the scene you can expect holographic effects with slight distortion as one of the CORE-7 implant features. If you've played Syndicate 2012 or Deus Ex, you know what I'm talking about.

On this screen you can see our main menu itself, but it doesn't have any Multiplayer/Co-op option yet. By this summer's Steam Early Access release the 'Load Game' option will still be unavailable.

Here you can see New Game button selected and lightened with orange.

When you launch new game you will have to game modes to choose between: Hardcore and Normal.

HARDCORE MODE requires Internet connection to establish synchronization between your computer and After Reset Quanton servers. After the game session our computers will calculate a global ending of the session for After Reset's world. All people's choices will be taken into account, we'll polish it, and a final 'global' ending will be released in addition to the conclusion of your own personal story.

IMPORTANT NOTES: only autosaves allowed for this mode, your companions could die permanently and no 'rerolls' are possible, so, please, take your choices seriously.

NORMAL MODE doesn't require Internet connection to establish synchronization between your computer and After Reset Quanton servers. That implies you can save and load your progress at your will to discover other story branches you'd like.

IMPORTANT NOTES: this mode is recommended for players who already played through the game in Hardcore Mode or for those who has no experience in old school RPGs.

Beyond that here is the link on these screenshots in full HD for our Co-Founders:

Ok, guys. Got any questions? Feel free to ask on our official forum:

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned!


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