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About "The Fall of Gyes"

The Fall of Gyes is a sci-fi graphic novel with stunning cinematic quality and an intriguing story inspired by classic sci-fi horror films of Ridley Scott.




Hey, guys! My name is Richard and I’m the creator and game director of After Reset, a post-apocalyptic RPG, and I’m excited to tell you about our latest project: The Fall of Gyes. This 32-page graphic novel will shed light on the backstory of the game’s starting location, as well as one of the game’s companions, while delivering a compelling sci-fi narrative in its own right.


They called it the Reset, the great apocalypse that nearly destroyed all of civilization. In the blink of an eye nuclear fire laid waste to the planet, and those that survived were buried in ash.

The wealthy and privileged few had found sanctuary in the United Government’s bunkers, hidden deep underground. Here the old world still flourished, engineers carving out an ever-larger metropolis under a stone ceiling, while the planet above them burned.

Outposts were established to keep dangerous technology away from the population, and provided a conveniently secluded locale to house test subjects, and enemies of the state.

It is here that our story takes place, in the outpost called: Gyes. A 20-year-old intern of the United Government’s Military Corps has just completed his last year of training. Everything seems to be falling into place for him. The job, the girlfriend, a place of prominence in his own corner of the world. Then They came. Surface dwellers. Killers. Thieves.

It seemed impossible. How could anyone on the surface have survived the Reset? Yet there they were. With Gyes defenses sabotaged, its containment units failing, biological samples that were once secured in a deep freeze are now exposed to open air… and everything falls apart. Surrounded on all sides by Stalkers, biomass horrors, and a collapsing structure, will this young, wet-behind-the-ears intern survive? Could anyone?

Back us, and find out! If you’re a fan of games like Dead Space, or classic sci-fi and horror films from Ridley Scott and John Carpenter, we think you’ll love this story.


Creator and Producer: Richard Nixon

Artist: Adam Burn

Writer: Jeremy Wilfinger

Besides the wealth of business experience that I, Richard Nixon, bring to the table, the team here at Black Cloud Studios has a wonderful mix of experienced professionals from all over the world. For this project, we’ve also recruited the fantastic artist, Adam Burn, known to the Kickstarter community for his recent work on Telicos Protocol. After looking at Adam’s stunning work and extensive portfolio, I knew he was the right man for the job. We also have the writing talents of Jeremy Wilfinger, our resident editor, who will bring the world and its characters to life. With your funding, we can make this project an awesome reality!


Dear fellows, I've got a stock of questions from people about whether it is possible to back this art novel after the campaign on Kickstarter is ended. So, the answer is yes :)

You can back us directly on our store for two versions of The Fall of Gyes graphic novel (we'll add those items there today):

1. TFOG DIGITAL = $12 (for digital version of the novel).

2. TFOG HARDCOVER = $95 (for physical collectable signed version of the novel).

Keep in mind that other cookies from this Kickstarnter are not included. They are for our Kickstarter backers only.

Estimated date of delivery is summer 2014. After that date the novel will be still available for sale via our store on our website, but HARDCOVER versions won't be signed. We are doing that to give our early supporters the advantage of unique item. So don't loose your chance to obtain it :)

Once again, guys, thank you!


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