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Hi, guys!

Today we're introducing another companion to you, who will appear in the graphic novel as well as the game's prologue. Meet Ivy:

Who, or what, is Ivy?

In the graphic novel, you'll first see Ivy in the holo advertisements for Chimera Industries' cosmetic products. Her real name is Jillian Schiller, and she is the daughter of Chimera's vice president, who controls one of the largest corporations in the United Government's Economic Corps. She is the face of 'Regenspan,' an innovative anti-aging cosmetic series, and Chimera's flagship product. She's 27, but thanks to her father's welfare and extensive use of the drug, she doesn't look a day over 17.


Slogan: "Biotic solutions for better life."

Chimera has products and research in various biotechnological fields including: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and military programs that use or exploit biotechnology.

In the beginning of the game, it is Ivy who wakes you up by repeating: "Wake up, Commander." If your character has low intellect, Ivy merely seems like a mystical spirit or a 'voice in your head,' until the end of the game. If you've got enough intellect, then you'll realize that Ivy is actually a virtual intelligence, the communicative operational system for your CORE-7 implant. This virtual intelligence is a kind of enhanced reality interface that acts as a mediator between the Quanton computer and the Commander's (player's) consciousness. However, that connection has been damaged, and until you fix it you'll be able to find another purpose for Ivy, or simply switch her off. It's all up to you!

Why her name is Ivy?

You'll be able to ask your VI that very question during your play through, though some of you might be able to guess the answer by studying Greek mythology.

Why will you see Ivy as Jillian Schiller from Chimera Industries?

You'll be able to find out during your exploration of the game world, and your subconscious will change her projected model during your travels.

Ivy seems to be pretty independent. How is it she's an AI?

Actually, Ivy is not an Artificial Intelligence, nor is she completely independent. In some ways she's a part of you, and your CORE-7 implant is a product of synthetic biology that uses your own brain as hardware. DnD fans would probably regard her as a familiar, and if that's just not your thing - you can always turn her off.

By tradition, we’ve got exclusive full HD desktop wallpaper of the Chimera Industries as well as full HD concept arts of Ivy, available for our graphic novel backers and for our Co-founders only. However, you can still enjoy the Chimera Industries musical theme from The Fall of Gyes OST:

If you liked this update, please spread the word on your favorite social media! We still need to raise $4k during the next week and a half on Kickstarter to make all you've just read a reality! Spread the news! Word of mouth works.

Much obliged for your support, guys. And stay tuned!

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