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Hi guys,

In today's news we're going to talk briefly about the Biomass creatures that you'll face in the summer prologue for Steam Early Access. It's important to understand that these creatures are not common zombies, mutants or zergs.

They're still dangerous, primarily due to their tendency to devour proteins, but the real threat or key feature of the Biomass is its ability to rapidly evolve in a harmful environment. For example, if you inflict damage on a Doppelganger it will begin to adapt, and that will make it even weaker during that process, but if you don't finish it off before its adaptation is completed - you'll find yourself in a real trouble. I'm sure, due to the chaotic and unpredictable results of their adaptive process, you'll find those creatures consistently interesting to fight, and our goal is to make them even more challenging than the necromorphs from Dead Space.

However, these creatures are incapable of infecting others, and as with other prion infectious agents, the only possible way to contract the Biomass infection from them is by consuming them. Definitely not recommended!

And please, don't worry about spoilers in The Fall of Gyes graphic novel. The protagonist will encounter a different kind of Biomass, namely the much more dangerous form - the microscopic origin sample. But to find out how to survive it, well… you’ll have to back our Kickstarter!

Also, enjoy listening to the new track "Madness" from The Fall of Gyes OST:

And check out the beautiful concept art of our Biomass creatures made by one of our the finest concept artists - Angelina Stroganova:



Doppelganger Male:

Doppelganger Female:

Doppelganger Cat:



There's also got a backer tier update: we've added a new feature to the "Exclusive One" $500 tier, where we'll paint your likeness onto one of the background characters in the graphic novel, in addition to the poster and all the other rewards. Thanks to Mr. Khan for the idea!

On a final note, I want to mention the talented, yet humble, Indie developers Mark Morgan and Paul Jenkins, whose professional etiquette and awesome work will inspire generations to come. Paul, who has worked on The Darkness, Spawn, Batman, TMNT, and Hellblazer, has recently launched his own project on Kickstarter called: Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts. I strongly encourage you to check it out, and support it!

"In recent years, I have watched, helpless, as editors made pointless and destructive changes to scripts and artwork that they had previously left alone. It bugs me that the creators were a primary focus when the mainstream publishers needed them, and now that the corporations are driving the boat, creative decisions are being made once again by shareholders…"
– Paul Jenkins

Stay safe from the Biomass, and stay tuned for more!


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