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Hello, backers!

Today's update is all about the UG Bunker N3-H1: 'Gyes' where the events of the graphic novel and the beginning of the game both take place.

Gyes is a pretty new underground outpost (of the United Governments), built by Ishima Engineering (one of the UG's largest corporate contractors) to control operations via The Great Desert (ex Nevada State) and The State of Eagle (ex California State).

We've already finished pre-modeling three large areas where the story will take place. We're very close to finishing the concept design for the interior objects, and here are a few shots to show you what kind of quality we're talking about:

The bunker contains three main areas with different access levels, beginning with green, for Ground Level:

Then yellow, for Science Facility:

And finally white, for Special Facility:

Each area also contains several points of interest or objects with special properties or plot relevance, which we're calling 'wow-objects,' and here's a few examples:

Commander Cell:



Conference Hall:

Decontamination Room:

Departure Area:

Dining Room:

ECLCC (Environmental Control and Life Support System):


Medical Quarters:

Operations Room:

Quanton Hub:



Finally, we've also got a new OST track "Cutting Edge Technologies" for the bunker, as well as our Kickstarter promos, and you can download it free:

Lots happening this month! Stay tuned for more!


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