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Hello people,

As previously mentioned, we're going to spend a lot of time on the thorough development of companions, each with their own unique personality, goals, moral principles, background, and plot twists. Our goal is to make them as real as possible, and in this update we're going to introduce you one of them: Derrick Hawk.

We're also going to give each companion a unique AI, and while you'll still be able to 'control' them (meaning you can click on them and give them an order, such as move here, shoot this target, etc.), whether they choose to follow your orders is another matter entirely.

Each companion will decide their actions based on a number of factors, such as trust, loyalty, fear, etc., and make a decision as to whether or not they want to cover you, heal you, die for you or betray you. The player's stats are also taken into account here, where certain skills and special abilities can allow you to influence the way your companions think both in dialogue and in combat, and all these elements will be taken into account.

Derrick Hawk, age 42, is a solitary man who lives on a secluded ranch with his daughter and father-in-law. He always wears a hand-made bracelet, engraved with the name 'April,' and occasionally knows how to wear strange exoskeleton armored suits from the Past Age. A master of blending in, his past is a mystery to the locals of Deadstone, and most steer clear of him.

So, you've seen our concepts and you've heard a little bit about him, but rather then spoil the story we'd like to give you the opportunity to your own. What's strange and interesting about him to you? How do you think he wound up in Deadstone? What about his motives and his alignment? Feel free to post your thoughts and guesses here on the After Reset RPG forum:

Thanks for backing, and stay tuned!

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