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Greetings, our dear followers!

The team's working hard and we're making good progress on the prologue for Steam Early Access (SEA). Here's the latest news!

1. The community continues to show us their support via direct backing, and we've raised $10,045 to date from 250 people.

2. We've also made significant progress on final stage of the character creation process (Appearance), and we can confirm that you'll be able to choose between male and female playable characters in the STEAM Early Access version.

3. During the Appearance stage you'll be able to adjust a select number of cosmetic personal options, such as the name, height, girth, and an optional background (up to 1024 characters). By the game's release you'll also be able to customize the head (more than 20 variants), body type (3 variants), ethnicity, and eye color of your characters, but the STEAM Early Access version will be limited to normal (mesomorph) body type, blue-eyes, and Caucasian skin tone.

Please note that all of these options are purely cosmetic, and they do not affect your character's stats or perks.

Thanks to those who pledged for the Personal Character Appearance option, you will also be able to choose personal named head preset of those backers.

4. We've got some extra exclusive screenshots of our main characters on the co-founders exclusive subforum, for those who pledged $35 or more. They include:
- Full HD screenshots of default male character;
- Full HD screenshots of default female character;
- Full HD screenshots of default female character [NUDE] :)
Be sure to check them out!

That's all for today. More content is coming.

Thanks for your support, guys. Stay tuned!


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