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Only just seen this. Truly outstanding material just spot on and oh so true! I just wish the general public was so well informed. Only one question what about background radiation from a multitude of nuclear warhead detonations especially in the States (I'm from the UK but I know there are a lot of nuclear facilities/bases in the SW and fallout is always a factor). I know the the rule of 7 and 10 but I wonder are Red zones truly still that radioactive after 132 years? If you consider that even a 10000 rad per hour zone would be at 0.01 rads per hour after 94 years (if my maths is correct it is late here so I may have made an error??). Are are Red zones something else entirely? Hard science question I guess. I really don't want any game spoilers though I'm just curious. AR is going to be THE POST APOCALYPTIC GAME when it comes to realism!

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