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Been testing out the new update today on win 8.1. So far so good, the environmental music is very cool and adds to the sinister feeling one gets from examining the bunker. I expected something or someone was going to ambush me at any time, so thumbs up for that.
Furthermore the design of the inventory and the bunker are very post-modern and adds to the high-tech expectations for a type 1 global civilization before the reset.

Something that confused me a tiny bit was that the game starts in 'pause mode' and that I have to hit space to enter 'live mode', I first thought that it was a bug or that the game crashed but that wasn't the case, probably it got something to do with pressing space to start the game after the story being told.
I wasn't able to pick anything up or interact with any of the other scientists so I guess that's the limit of the game so far.
One thing I missed(but isn't a must as A- and D-buttons will do the same) is the ability to hold the right mouse button to change the angle of the room, and the left one was only to select a 'move to'- location. I'm only guessing that the LMB will also have the 'pick up' and 'attack' abilities in later updates, unless a combined command will trigger an attack like holding RMB and pressing LMB.

Anyway, that's my thoughts for now. Will go through the game later to see if I spot something else or if something comes to mind.

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