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INTERVIEW 'Mr.Nixon for MediaKilledReality'

After Reset is an RPG inspired by games such as Fallout 1 & 2, Baldur’s Gate, and Planescape: Torment. I got a chance to have some questions answered by Mr. Nixon himself. You can check out the kickstarter to decide for yourself by following this link: Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it. Larry Harris from MediaKilledReality.

Thanks for taking the time answer my questions about your upcoming title After Reset.

MediaKilledReality: Just for anyone that isn’t aware could you give us a quick rundown of who you are and what After Reset is?

Mr.Nixon: I am the same player of the old school like many of you. Was risen on the Baldur’s Gate, Fallout and Planescape: Torment RPGs. Used to be a Dungeon Master for 4 years and worked on Fallout D20 fan Persistent World. Currently have my own business and the last 3 years devoted to the After Reset setting and video game as a hobby. After Reset RPG is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic role-playing video game, inspired by original RPGs we’ve been risen on.

MediaKilledReality: You don’t try to hide your disappointment with the new “RPG” genre of games. Were there any redeeming qualities from those games that you used when developing this title?

Mr.Nixon: Sure. E.g. I found Mass Effect one of the best RPGs of the new school (except for face palm ending of the part three). The depth of its story and setting elaboration is amazing. Another example The Walking Dead: the Game – it’s emotional and realistic choices, the level of suspense and completeness of the story are amazing. The story in both BioShoks is pretty good as well. And the open world of Elder Scrolls V leaves a good impression. But I am really missing the old schools RPGs that we played by the whole nights with cans of Dr.Paper and sleeping pet at the feet.

MediaKilledReality: A major complaint that plagues most post-apocalyptic games seems to be the lack of a color palette which usually consists of gray, brown, and green. Are you addressing that issue or is it just one of the stereotypes for such a genre?

Mr.Nixon: In After Reset RPG we try to be realistic. For most textures we just make or buy real photos of real materials. But their final colors, of course, depend on lighting and weather conditions. The action in the game After Reset RPG takes place starting 132 years after the apocalypse, called the Reset, in two large areas of the former North America: The Great Desert (what was once Nevada) and The State of Eagle (what was once California). So for the Greate Desert we try to use real colors of Nevada and for the State of Eagle – California with Nevada+Herosima/Nagasaki mixed. Frankly, the colors of After Reset RPG will be pretty intimate for the fans of Fallout 1&2.

MediaKilledReality: The game looks pretty solid graphically so far, which engine are you working with and why did you choose it?

Mr.Nixon: Unity 3D combined with World Machine and Vue (which was used for James Cameron’s Avatar Movie). It is affordable for indie developers, quite flexible and looks pretty close to Bioware’s Aurora Engine I used for 5 years.

MediaKilledReality: Are the “Companions” going to be structured on a cookie cutter setting or will we have the freedom to mold them?

Mr.Nixon: You will be able to control them and operate their inventory. They will go through level ups with you but you won’t be able to chose their ways of leveluping. They are persons, not extras. Speaking of Ivy (VI of your CORE07 implant) she is very unique companion, more like a familiar, because she is part of you.

MediaKilledReality: Is there an “end goal” in After Reset aside from story completion such as “High Level Caps” or “End Game Gear Sets”?

Mr.Nixon: Yeah. There will be very, very tasty “cake” awaiting you. Even more tasty than “High Level Caps” or “End Game Gear Sets”. It is the Global Ending feature. In After Reset RPG I’d like to raise the stakes in terms of the significance of the choices you make. Don’t forget that I’m also the creator of the setting for After Reset. Using this, I’d like that the choices made by each of you in your first play-through do more than just influence the end of the game, but also the whole setting of this world. To make this possible, you will have to be connected to the Internet. This won’t be required, but if your computer is connected to the Internet, then your choices, interacting with the choices of other players will create unique consequences for the world of After Reset, which even I can’t predict.

MediaKilledReality: Also will there be “New Game +” or any such modes?

Mr.Nixon: Every copy of the game will include only one “Synchronize Consequences with the Quanton” feature. So if you don’t like your ending (especially if you died by nonsense) you can freely replay the game. Or replay it to try a new role with new alignment which could open to you new NPCs, factions, companions and ending, of course.

MediaKilledReality: I noticed you mentioned co-op online, do you care to elaborate how that will be implemented into such a choice driven game?

Mr.Nixon: I’ve got a couple ideas. First of them is to allow players to join other’s players game by taking control of MARPCO Robo Dog (it is silent and can’t make spoilers). Another one is to allow people to make “stashes” within random encounters on Global Map (e.g. you can put there traps and if someone died in them you can come and collect some loot). But this last one looks like pretty complex. We need to match that with the funds we’ll get.

MediaKilledReality: You mentioned being inspired by Robert Sheckley & Rodger Zelazny, which of their works exactly? Or is it just their quality and style of writing that inspired you?

Mr.Nixon: Indeed, there are so many. But the style, the quality and the way of storytelling is very special. I have big collections of their audio books to listen during traveling.

MediaKilledReality: How does one go from creating a furniture business to video games? Also let me say your dedication to this projects success is remarkable, essentially shedding your old life for a new one.

Mr.Nixon: Thank you :) I don’t want to throw out one for another. The business is what I do for living. The game is what I do for soul and relaxing. But if we reach the goal then yes, I feel like to pass my role as a CEO of business for another partner and devote all my main time as a Game Director of After Reset RPG.

MediaKilledReality: How do you handle the fears and doubts that come with such a big decision?

Mr.Nixon: When you are jumping with a parachute at low altitude during the night above the area unknown – then you have the fears and doubts. When bullets split out wooden chips under your cover – than you have a big run-or-lie decision to make. Concerning the video game development – it is not a big deal :)

MediaKilledReality: Before I let you get back to work I have one more question that I try and ask every developer I interview. The relationship between game developers and game media has grown sour over the past few years, evolving into what seems like an alley way knife fight at times. So even though you are a new developer, do you have any complaints or ideas to help remedy the situation?

Mr.Nixon: Frankly, despite that I am a new developer I had no issues with game media. Their journalists are very open minded and willing to help if you develop something good. Ideas… Yes, I’ve got one for PC Gamer: “Please, fix the Contacts section of your website. The page just forwards to the main page” :)

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Great interview, have you done any more?
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Thanks, yep.

I bet you will like those two as well:

ARTICLE 'Post-Apocalyptic Myths Busted'

ARTICLE 'In-game Armor Design Myths Busted'

One of the coolest (with the detailed monthly report about the issues we've passed through on the way to the release) will be posted during that coming release.

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