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INTERVIEW 'What will the After Reset RPG be like?'

This short interview for community meting is meant to describe: What games will After Reset™ RPG be similar to, and what games will it be nothing like.


After Reset™ RPG WILL be like:

+ the worlds of Fallout 1/2 in atmosphere and region, and also in terms of its boundaries. For example, if the setting of Fallout 1/2 is RETRO post-apocalyptic, then After Reset is SCI-FI post-apocalyptic. In Fallout 1/2 there are plenty of unrealistic things, while in After Reset RPG, every piece of devilry must have a real, scientific basis. For example, gasoline even in tanks at gas stations will go bad after 3 years, but it is quite possible to make it by improvised means out of other petroleum products. The same goes for electricity and light, as well as bullets, weapons, explosives, drugs, etc.

+ the world of C&C: Tiberian Sun and partially C&C: Tiberium Wars in the atmosphere of a dying planet, and also partially by association of the GDI with the UG. Partially by the conditional division of territories into Red, Yellow and Green zones. Another fairly important connection, more like even a reference is the female voice of the VI (Virtual Intelligence) personal implant CORE-7, which will be with you throughout the game (if you don’t remove the implant or don’t turn off its VI-functions). Of course that is a reference to the EVA interface from the C&C series.

+ the world of the Dead Space series in the level of development of most technologies of the United Governments and the atmosphere of some locations from the Past Era settled by Biomass. And, as you would expect partially in the Red Zones. Just without the trashy, casual gaming elements.

+ the world of Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Torment in the depth of development of the setting and the level of its detail.

+ the world of the future in the movie 12 Monkeys. I get that it’s a movie and not a game, but the world of the future from that old movie captures well the level of resignation, hopelessness and despair of the inhabitants of the setting in After Reset.
After Reset™ RPG will NOT be like:
- the worlds of Fallout 3/4/5 and other skins/mods for Oblivion. I personally don’t consider what they had to be a setting – just marketing exploitation of a brand.
- the worlds of C&C 3/4. As far as I’m concerned that series has also gone to commercialized trash.

After Reset™ RPG WILL be like:

+ Planescape Torment. I’m sure you’ll be able to find similarities, beginning with the fact that your character wakes up naked on the floor of a laboratory not knowing who he is, or what he’s doing there.

+ Fallout 1/2. No epic nonsense and pathos. Sure, you’re not exactly the same as the people you meet in the game, but you are a real person with real problems. And only after dealing with them and reaching the next level of the requirement pyramid can you (if you want) discover the Great Person inside yourself. In the wasteland, moral freedom reigns and you aren’t obliged to anyone if you yourself don’t want to take on others’ problems out of the goodness of your heart.

+ Baldur’s Gate 1. You decide yourself what to do and where to go. You can totally abandon the plot and just travel the world. But that doesn’t mean the plot forgets about you – even if you do nothing, it will affect the world around you. Don’t worry about missing something – when you find the right place and time, the plot will find you.

+ Walking Dead the Game. Realism, drama, real human emotions and reactions. Of course, that game doesn’t have any real ability to choose (which After Reset RPG absolutely will have), but the drama is presented such that you might not catch it on your first run through. We will try to have both powerful staging, and a powerful script.

+ the Song of Ice and Fire book series. Understandably, this won’t be so much in the medieval style, but in the global nature of the background conflict. Because behind all of your personal adventures, a fight will be starting for at least the former USA, and at most for the remnants of all human civilization.
After Reset™ RPG will NOT be like:
- Fallout 3/4/5. Once again, I didn’t really see a strong plot there. Oblivion had kind of story, but in these skins/mods for it, I didn't feel it..
- Mass Effect 3. I promise it won’t be like LOST. There won’t be any unfinished business, or conversations, no RGB-endings, no semi-transparent guys with flawed logic and unfinished dialogues.
- Diablo 1-3. As a matter of fact, even without comment.

After Reset™ WILL be like:

+ Fallout 1-2. An open world within the plot region of a dying planet – a post-apocalyptic sandbox. Population density will not be higher than in Fallout 1. Coincidental encounters. Searches and studies of the ruins of the Past Era. A laconic and intuitively understandable interface. An old school top-down camera view.

+ Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights in terms of game mechanics plan, options for character development, etc. We’re making our own level constructor, our own branching game mechanic SACPIC, in which many see features similar to the mechanics of D&D 3.5 and SPECIAL. Included in that we have a plot limit for the maximum attainable character level at level 20.

+ Deus Ex Human Revolution in the plan for improving your own implant and game interface. The actual implant of your character is a product of the synthetic biology of the United Governments and in essence is a tactical implant (uses abilities enhanced by reality in the interface without the addition of bonuses to stats or experience). You can develop it only by defined operations or “program” modifications which are very hard to find.

+ Neverwinter Nights 1/2 in the plan for camera placement high above the character and its ability to turn, get closer and move away.
After Reset™ RPG will NOT be like:
- Fallout 3/4/5. There won’t be behind the back view, or first person.
- Fallout Tactics or Wasteland 2. After Reset RPG is a game about Character; it’s an RPG, not a tactical shooter with view from above.

After Reset™ RPG WILL be like:

Here it’s hard for me to come up with examples, because there isn’t really anything we’d compare it to. Just look at our screenshots and art on our site and make up your own mind.
After Reset™ RPG will NOT be like:
- Fallout Tactics. Though I like the graphical style of FT, After Reset RPG will be fully 3D, without isometric graphics.
- Wasteland 2 or Borderlands 1/2. There won’t be any cartoonish textures or shading.

After Reset™ RPG WILL be like:
- Fallout 1/2 with an extra aspect of hopelessness and nostalgia for the former civilization (after all the setting of After Reset RPG has almost no survivors, and it is a future closer to the movie 12 Monkeys).

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