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Zones types (Red/Yellow/Green)

Types of geonatural zones according to the United Governments classification system:

Red Zones - areas not suitable for human life. Survival cannot be guaranteed even with technical and military support. Judging by available evidence, the Red Zones appeared during the Reset and subsequent morphing of the Earth. Relatively small pockets dot the inside of the Yellow Zones, but, as a rule, do not grow beyond their borders. In the "Red" Zones, most terrestrial organisms are not able to live, however mutants and recently arrived alien life forms feel quite at ease here.

Yellow Zones - areas that are appropriate, if not necessarily for life, then at least for human survival. They contain leftover traces of elevated background radiation. Nonetheless, in the majority of cases, these areas allow for survival even without the support of technology. They often cover areas of ruined cities of the Past Age. As a rule, flora, fauna and soil are seriously harmed by these areas, and has had great difficulty recovering after the Reset, which is why edible food and potable water are valued at parity with life. By 132 A.R, power in most Yellow Zones is held by small anarchist gangs.

Green Zones - areas that didn’t suffer whatsoever during the Reset. By 132 A.R., the existence of Green Zones has not been officially confirmed by the UG.

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