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Patch #100816 Released
Hi, guys!

This monthly news and update should be the last one before the Prologue release. If you're our backer or Co-Founder, please, read the full version of it on Kickstarter which comprises the usual patch notes and most of the NDA-stuff I’ve shared with Co-Founders on the forum after the previous update.

This NDA material includes:
• Our current state of affairs.
• Money and issues results report.
• Our plan for the prologue release.
• The future of the After Reset development.
• Preview of the article "Developing AR RPG, the Prologue: Debriefing" I’d like to post it after the Prologue release in October.
• Preview of the article "Developing After Reset: Tips, Insights for Indie Devs" another article specified for indie developers. It consists of concise data on the common issues we and our colleagues faced during the development, our conclusion and solutions we applied. Those issues are something that all indie devs must meet and have to deal with at one time or another.

Right after the Co-Founders, I’d like to share all that data with you before it is made open public to receive your feedback, impressions, thoughts and advice (in case you have one) before making another solid step.



• Not ceasing music during loading new areas scenes bug fixed.

• The door scripts and mechanics reworked.
• Navemesh at Ground Level fixed.
• Quanton now opens all fields and doors at the emergency exit hall on Special Facility level when the relevant dialog line is reached.
• Quanton cut-scene variables saving bug fixed.

• Character highlighting when mouseover in awakening scene before the area is loaded is fixed.
• Ivy model displaying, her appearance and dispersion SFX enhanced.

• Dropped item vanishing bug amended.
• Drones waypoint mechanics amended to prevent jams.
• Navigation AI reworked to prevent creatures freezing and teleports.


• Suspense/danger music theme for the relevant cut-scenes added.

• Quests added on Science Facility level.
• Ivy model with animations added.
• Special Facility full gameplay walkthrough added.
• Science Facility full gameplay walkthrough added.
• Broken neon lamp flickering at Ground Level added.
• Decontamination Hall cut-scene added.
• Dialog Mechanics tutorial added.
• Running and burning in plasma death animations and SFX added.

• Broken lightning mechanics (lights/flickering vfx/sound) for the Mess Hall added. • Bleeding and blood trails VFX and mechanics added for the alive creatures (including the character) when they are below 10% HP.

• Saving/Loading UI added.
• Added text scrolling by mouse wheel in dialogs.
• Mouse icon changing when mouseover icons of new unread/updated Quest and Records added.
• Container UI mechanics enhanced so that players could take items separately (now while the Container Contents Panel is opened BUT the Inventory panel is closed, LMB click on an item will move that item stack into the Inventory instantly).

• Saving/Loading mechanics added.

• Kitchen props created and added at the Mess Hall.
• Destroyed and functional drones added at the proper places on Ground Level.


#1 Guys, during your walkthrough tests please pay attention to drones’ behavior. It took about 4 weeks to rework it so that they don’t freeze and don’t make a jam. Though, I have a suspicion that they might do that again despite our efforts, but we ourselves did not see that bug after the patch.

#2 Previous saved games may not be compatible with this patch (and future ones). This is inevitable for EA and will proceed till the full game release. Nevertheless, the ability to save/load games within every update should save a lot of time for testing and polishing the game. We’ve been testing save/load mechanics for one week only, so, please, if you have time test it more and report about the possible bugs.


• Well, what’s the skinny?
• What about the money?
• Plans for the Fall-Winter 2016.
• The Daedalus.
• After Reset fans’ community.
• After Reset RPG further development.
• Steam Reviews.
• (preview) Developing AR RPG, the Prologue: Debriefing.
• (preview) Developing After Reset: Tips, Insights for Indie Devs.

Read the full update available on Kickstarter...

They are NDA as well yet because they are meant to be published at the day of the prologue release. Though, I would like to share them with you asap as the earlier reviewers. Please, feel free to post your relevant comments, questions and thought on their pages.



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