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PHELP-14 Mk2

Base Damage: 1d12 +3.
Base Critical Threat: 20/x2 (miss: 1).
Base Magazine Capacity: 20.
Base Range: 0-105 ft.
Base Damage Type: laser.
Mobility Penalty: none.
Base Item: laser pistol.

Ammunition Type: micro fusion cells.
Feats Required: Weapon Proficiency (energy weapons) or Weapon Proficiency (pastager).
Weapon Size: 1-handed.
Weight: 4 lb.

Special Properties:
• No-Recoil (+3 to Attack Bonus).
• Enhanced Retargeting Systems (+20 Max Range).
• Crystal Cooling System (Base Damage +3).

* * *

The PHELP-14 Mk2 (Personal High Energy Laser Pistol, Mark II) is a high-tech weapon that emits a concentrated photon impulse of coherent light, with a sufficient wattage to do considerable damage. Compared to its predecessor, it is has enhanced durability, radius and damage, and was redesigned by its manufacturer, MARPCO, for military ground operations.

With the compact high-energy sources availability and scattering issues solved laser weapons became very popular during the underground expansion of the UG. Having no recoil or ejected shells, and no gravitational effect on beam trajectory, laser weapons have almost completely displaced firearms on the arms market and on the streets of underground cities by the 67 A.R.

By the 109 A.R., when returning to the surface became possible, military contractors launched new programs on assault and defense weapons modifications on common armament and equipment. The Mark II modification was originally developed by the small family company, Jeremy Glover & Sons, but they were acquired by MARPCO right before it won the government contract for the PHELP-14 Mk2 development and manufacturing.

These energy weapons can be powered by Microfusion Cells GO (Ground Operations) or any other modifications of Microfusion Cells.
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Item Resource Name: phelar-14mk2
In game model: phelar-14mk2
Ground model: phelar-14mk2
Stack: none
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 800, 300, 300, 1200, 200, 300, 300
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 30
Unidentified Description: This is definitely some kind of hi-tech weapon. Unfortunately, you are unable to grasp how to make it work.

Render, Render, Concept.

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