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Greeting from Asia!

Just Backed for 35$. Here is small question: Why can't i access the co-founder page?

Having noticed this project ever since the Kickstarter but due to money restriction, up until now can join the party with you guys. This is truly a very promising project that deserve more money not just from myself but also many other true RPGs fan out there. Trust me when I say that there is definitely a market for this one,people just don't realize it yet (if not seriously where Wasteland 2 and Pillar of Eternity get all these funding from?). In my humble opinion,the reason of the failure of your Kickstarter page is the presentation of the game. Please don't misunderstand what I said,your writing about the game is very good, it represents your passion about this project not just as a game developer but also as a fan and is capable of communicating this to its readers which is why i decided to put my trust on you. But the problem lies in the fact that most people nowadays won't be willing to read through all the texts,and unfortunately,unlike Inxile or Obsidian,you have nothing to back you up except for some mere inspirations (damn great one) and a very poor video(5 minutes and seriously nothing happen?). Sorry for behaving like an I-know-it-better-than-you archetype,but us backers are all here for your success (for creating a wonderful game) and eventually ours as well (for being able to experience it and help getting it made), I think to be able to succeed next time,you need to find a better way to show people the potential of this great game,especially for the break through point: the setting which is described as a sci-fi apocalypse with a focus on realism is something that has never been made into a video game before (as far as I know it) the global ending,and the fact that this game is not entirely about the apocalypse,the cyberdog multilayer part is good as well.

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