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Vizo Sight

Vizo Sight "LEOTech"

Base Item: mod: sight.
Weight: 2.1 lb.

Special Properties:
• Vizo Sight (+1 to Attack Bonus).

* * *

The "Vizo Sight" is an augmented reality weapon sight produced by the LEOTech Corporation for various energy weapons that support beam-steering technology. Although the sight doesn’t offer magnification, it does allow the user to visualize the beam’s trajectory through a sophisticated glass window where the projected beam can be seen parallel to the barrel.

LEOTech Corporation was founded around 100 A.R. by Jason Kwan and Pierre Lempereur while they were still students at the Eos Institute of Advanced Industrial Science. By 132 A.R. the company designed, manufactured, and marketed electro-optic products and systems, and established their headquarters in Helios, Underearth. Their augmented reality weapon sights are used in a wide variety of small arms for close combat, and have been adopted by various security corporations, law enforcement agencies, and even the U.G. Army.

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