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PBA Vest

Pacifier Body Armor

Armor Hardness Level: 1.
Maximum Agility Bonus: 8.
Armor Evasion Class Bonus: 4.

DR Physical (common): 10%
DR Poison (common): 0%
DR Fire (environmental): 30%
DR Acid (environmental): 25%
DR Electro (environmental): 40%
DR Frost (environmental): 0%
DR Laser (rare): 50%
DR Plasma (rare): 40%
DR Field (rare): 0%

Base Item: light armor.
Armor Mobility Penalty: none.
Armor Skills Penalty: 0.
Feats Required: Armor Proficiency (light armor).
Durability: 100/100.
Weight: 25 lb.

* * *

U.G. Pacifier Body Armor (PBA), as well as its predecessors from the Past Age (IBA, MTV, IOTV, SPCS, PASGT etc.), is the light weighted standard armor widely spread in Underearth. The armor was designed to protect crucial five human organs from energy weapon and from some kinetic damage. With that PBA is considered as light armor and its design tailored to the underground cities of the U.G. (Police Departments) and military bases (Military Police). Its weight and flexibility grant minimum movement restrictions for the wearer.

The major protective components installed in the PBA armor vest are ceramic, wool with spongy nano-structure for protection from focused electromagnetic energy (laser) or directed charged particles (plasma). These soft and light components are filed with polyethylene glycol (PEG) mixed with nano-particles of silica to protect against penetrating mechanical injury. Standard exterior cover of the PBA is usually produced from cut resistant fabrics.

The PBA armor supports custom modifications and is compatible with MOLEE and GLICE systems. For more than 50 years PBA served the Underearth's Police Department (submitted to the UG's Social Corps) and Military Police (submitted to the UG's Military Corps). Around 120s A.R., when the rumors of possible returning on the Surface appeared, UG Army began to experiment on these armors for Ground Operations. After restoring research to that of the Past Age, Spongy Beryllium Plates (SBP) were selected as the fittest kinetic protection modes for the PBA. Being made from extremely lightweight (~0.9-1.1g/cm3) Be2B, Be4B and TiBe12 compos, the SBP grants extra kinetic protection for the spine, heart, spleen, kidney of the soldier with a ballistic efficiency over "1." Unfortunately, by 132 A.R. even modified PBA body armors lacked the sufficient capacity and popularity to replace medium and heavy armor sets for Ground Operations.

According to United Governments Intellectual Property Office (UGIPO), the Diamond Military Technologies (or DMA Technologies), a Helios-based armor manufacturing company, owns the patent for PBA armor and its modifications. While they are best known for their PBA body armor, by 132 A.R. they also produced reinforced materials for use on vehicles and buildings.
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Item Resource Name: pba_vest_UNISEX
In-Game Model: pba_vest_item
Ground Model: pba_vest_ground
Stack: none
Item Basic Value (PA, NT, SV, ST, RZ, YZ, GZ): 325, 250, 214, 98, 120, 100, 50
Identification Difficulty Challenge: 30
Unidentified Description: You see some kind of modular ballistic vest with fancy camo and "Military Police" badges.

Armor Full Model Swap: no
Apparel Slots [headwear]: ok
Apparel Slots [accessory]: ok
Apparel Slots [wristgear]: ok
Apparel Slots [belt]: ok
Apparel Slots [boots]: ok
Apparel Slots [backpack]: ok

Render, Render 2.

after reset, future armor, game armor, hard sci-fi, pacifier body armor, sci-fi

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