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Blinded creatures are unable to see. This also gives them a 50% miss chance and a -4 penalty to all attack rolls, while giving those attacking them a +2 bonus to attack rolls. Furthermore, a blind creature is considered flat-footed and receive -90% penalty to their Base Field-of-Sight and Base Range-of-Sight. Additionally, there is a -4 penalty to all Skills.

Inner Vision feat negates most of the effects of being blind, leaving only the 50% miss chance. Similarly, Blind Fight feat negates some of the effects of being blind, leaving only the -4 penalty to attack rolls, the -4 penalty to skills, and -90% penalty to their Base Field-of-Sight.

The -4 penalty to attack rolls is for attacking an unseen character. It is not applied multiple times for other instances of not being able to see the target (e.g. if the target is invisible or hidden).

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